Book cafe & bar Memento

Book cafe & bar Memento

by Nariko Oshiro

Park Avenue in Okinawa City has been one of the famous post-war business centers in Okinawa, with dozens of backstreets crisscrossing its neighbouring once-bustling shopping arcades. Palmyra Street is one of  those and unique as it is a  "redbrick road". Here you will find the  Koza Information Centre, a small war history museum Histreet (compound of ‘history’ and ‘street’), a local radio station, bars and restaurants from Thai noodles to Okinawa Soba. Okinawa City was born from the merger of the smaller Koza City and Misato Village shortly after WW2. Palmyra is distinctive and very much multi-cultural reflecting the diversity of  its host city. The street remains calm during daytime hours  , but once the sun hides and the lights come out on the path, its sleeping gems start to awake. Book Café & Bar Memento is among those gems for night strollers on this short but colourful street.

Memento is a place for writers, artists, musicians and world travelers. It is our un-official meeting place for friends of Okinawa JapanTourist.JP

Open the door and you’ll be ushered in by a sunset-coloured relaxing décor. At the back, inside the café, Mayu the owner welcomes you with a beaming smile from behind the mahogany-coloured counter. The owner is a bright character herself, which is definitely a charm point of the place, and moreover her deep affection to the city and the locals makes the drop-ins at the bar feel right at home. She set out on this business venture under the concept that the place should be where the customers can relish chatting over their favourite liquors, get their noses in books from a chic shelf she DIY-ed, or spend the time on their own with a cup of coffee. The policy has made the café a popular night comfort for the regular customers and first-time visitors alike.

The café bar offers alcohol and soft drinks. Whiskies, cocktails, Awamori (Okinawa’s traditional spirits), Orion draft beer (also Okinawa’s local brew) are all 600yen per glass/jug, wines are available for a bottle at 3,000yen, a good choice for a group to empty with several glasses. For non alcoholic or designated drivers, organic tea, coffee and herb tea are all 500yen, ready to accompany with their sober nights. Snacks or nibbles are not on the menu, but outside foods are welcomed (order/delivery of light meals from the neighbouring eateries is also possible). The café bar opens from 6:00p.m. to 12;00a.m.(happy hour until 8:00p.m. with 100yen discount for all beverages, and last call 11:00p.m.) 6 days a week(closed on Tuesday). Book café & bar memento is the cosy nest for the night owls to flock together and rest their wings, so why not come to perch?

More Palmyra Gems will be featured soon.

Park Avenue is a one way street with covered walkways great for those rainy days. Palmyra is the first to the left as you enter Park Avenue at Sideways Bar. For parking go to the next intersection and turn left or right. Ask Parking Attendant  for a list of participating shops for parking vouchers.




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