A buffed up buffet on Okinawa

by Naha Ed
Stripes Okinawa

If you're looking to fill up for lunch, you can't do better than to head to the Okinawa Grand Mer Resort, also known as the Tokyo Dai-ichi Hotel.  The resort is equidistant from both Kadena and Foster, out the back (east) gates.

For just 1200 yen you get to attack the buffet.  This is the biggest buffet line I've ever seen on Okinawa, meaning there are options for every pallet.
While most of the entries are traditional Okinawan or Japanese food, there are plenty of options for Westerners looking for something to stick to the ribs.  It takes a while to wind through all the food stations, so you first need do a recon mission to make sure you don't miss any of the food selections.  I almost missed the carving stations!

Whether you like your food sweet or sour, spicy or mild this buffet has just about everything.  The price comes with drinks and you have about a dozen different choices of iced tea.  There is also a very nice array of desserts, but I didn't have any since I was only focused on the softserve ice cream machine (I had a vanilla/mango blend).

The hotel, located above the eastern shore, has free parking-just mime you want to eat to the security guard and he will let you in.  Since it's not located on a main street, you need to either use a GPS unit or go with someone who has been there before.  Also, the English language website has a PDF with directions from either Foster or Kadena.


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