Climax Coffee: A great breakfast joint and so much more

Climax Coffee: A great breakfast joint and so much more

by Kathryn Spoor

Who doesn't love pancakes? Being an American girl myself I can't resist a nice fluffy stack of perfectly golden brown goodness topped with cream and possibly something sweet. Although pancakes are not a common breakfast food here in Okinawa, or Japan for that matter, there are a few places that not only serve them up but do a great job too. Climax Coffee is one of those places.

The best way to describe Climax Coffee is as a spin off gone right. This fusion of a coffee shop and cafe has the feel of a Starbucks or Tully's with a splash of originality and a light dusting of Japanese flare.

Like other coffee shops Climax Coffee serves up a wide variety of drinks to include classic espresso, espresso based coffees, chocolate drinks, espresso tea, espresso tea lattes, tea lattes, milk tropical fruit juices, tropical fruit soda and shakes. Prices average at about ¥500 per cup which is around what you're going to pay at most places to get your coffee fix unless you're drinking it out of a can.

In my opinion what sets Climax Coffee apart from other coffee shops around Okinawa is the extensive food menu. Although I indulged in delicious pancakes they also serve up spaghetti, curry rice, chicken dishes, Japanese style hamburger patties, American style hamburgers, panini sandwiches and an assortment of sides. For those with a sweet tooth there is an entire "Sweets" menu with a variety of pancakes, parfaits, sundaes, shaved ice, woopie pies, muffins and even a creamy cheese pretzel. The price is not bad either with no items exceeding ¥900.

There are Climax Coffee locations throughout Okinawa but this particular branch in Hamby Town is one my favorite not only because of its great atmosphere but, also because of its convenient location. Located in south central Okinawa just off the main road this particular branch of Climax Coffee is bound to be on the way to where you're headed at least once during your trip. This means you can easily stop and enjoy a nice sit down breakfast without having to go out of your way.

If you have the opportunity to eat at Climax Coffee or simply can't resist the thought of pancakes for breakfast I highly recommend giving the Green Tea Pancake With Kuromitsu Syrup a try. These absolutely perfect pancakes are topped with heavy cream, green tea powder and sweet azuki beans. To top it off it is drizzled with just the right amount of kuromitsu syrup. To wash it all down why not give the Green Tea Latte a try? After all there's no better way to start off a vacation day then with some tasty pancakes!

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