Dim Sum & Then Some in Hong Kong

Dim Sum & Then Some in Hong Kong

by Joely Santiago

When I planned my trip to Hong Kong, one thing I made sure to carve out plenty of time for was eating. That’s pretty typical for me. I like to eat. No. I love to eat. But there were a few things I’d heard are particularly good in Hong Kong that I absolutely had to try. Dim Sum was at the top of that list. I’d had it before and LOVED it. But authentic dim sum… there’s no way I was going to pass that up.

If you’re not familiar with dim sum, it’s a little like Chinese tapas, in that it’s a meal of small plates. Some are served in stacked steamer boxes; others in little dishes. Traditionally, they’re enjoyed with tea and the company of friends and/or family. This act in Cantonese is called Yum Cha. So I felt it was only appropriate that I conclude my dim sum journey in Hong Kong by devouring piles of steamed buns and wontons at a place called Yum Cha.

Yum Cha is more modern than the other dim sum places I’ve tried. The décor is very chic and contemporary. But that’s not what I’m referring to. The presentation of the food is less traditional. They have steamed buns in the shape of pigs and dogs and some items are plated in little, mirrored boxes and miniature fryer baskets. The presentation is splendid. The flavors, though… they’re spectacular. Everything we ordered was delicious. The steamed buns were soft, fluffy and savory. The wontons: hot and crispy. I could taste the ingredients; everything was super fresh. And the tea selection is excellent.

In addition to the great food, the atmosphere really made dining at Yum Cha a memorable experience. There’s a window to the kitchen that allows you to see the detail chefs put into preparing each serving. The design of the dining room is elegant, but relaxed. The light fixtures and furnishings are plush and brilliant. The day we went, every single seat was taken, and there were several hungry diners patiently waiting for their turn to eat. Most tables had parties of four or more. The buzz of friends and families talking and laughing filled the room. You could feel how much people were enjoying themselves. And that made me enjoy it that much more.

There are a few Yum Cha restaurants in Hong Kong. I visited the Tsim Sha Tsui location. It’s on the third floor of the Attitude Hotel. The service was exceptional and the food was amazing. I suspect that’s likely true for all locations. Yum Cha takes reservations. I recommend making them, especially if you don’t like to wait. You can find contact information for all locations here.

If you’ve been to Yum Cha and want to tell me about your experience, feel free to do so in the comments. OR… I’d really love it if you share your favorite dim sum spot with me, no matter where it is.

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