Have a happy Eggs Benedict Day at Rcafé

Have a happy Eggs Benedict Day at Rcafé

by Shoji Kudaka
Stripes Okinawa
Visit Rcafé any day of the week and you’d swear it was National Eggs Benedict Day.
On a recent weekday-visit to this ocean-view café in American Village, people came in one after another in search of the poached eggs stacked on top of bacon and bread and topped with white sauce.
It would only take a bite of the café’s popular “Tacobene” to know why many people flock for the menu favorite.
The unique combination of Eggs Benedict and taco creates a great balance between the seasoned ground beef, smooth poached egg and soft bacon.
On top of the top-notch taste, the presentation of the food is a real beauty. When sliced, the poached eggs form a clean cut without disfiguring, letting the yolk melt and pour evenly onto the bacon, adding another color and taste to the plate.
Supporting this tower of tasty food at the bottom is the bread that is worthy of special notice. This chewy and soft bread tastes like Italian pizza dough with sauce, which may surprise first-timers.
“We bake our bread every morning. We’ve perfected our own recipe so it goes well with eggs benedict. No additives are used for our breads,” said café owner Mami Akamine, explaining how her expertise as a baker plays a big role in the food.
Another top item at Rcafé is the different variations of French Toast, according to Akamine. The Mango Tango and Salt Caramel & Banana are the most popular said the owner, adding that the recipes allow the different types of sweetness to work together.
As Akamine suggested, the French-toast people experience different layers of sweetness. The juicy sweetness of the fruit hit my tongue first, but it soon turned into a gentle sweetness when mixed with the side of whip cream. The ice cream on the top created another blast of sweetness.
Whenever the flavor was overwhelming, the French Toast at the bottom was soothing with its restrained sweetness and soft texture. Many Americans order the French Toast along with sides such as bacon or potatoes, according to Akamine.
“When a weekend or a U.S. holiday rolls around, Americans account for the majority of our customers,” said Akamine. “I hear that breakfast is very important for Americans. Many of them come here for a nice family breakfast.”
And, if your breakfast-food love doesn’t agree with your desire to sleep in, don’t worry, Rcafé serves until 7 p.m. daily.
Despite it being a weekday when I was there, I witnessed many Americans, including a few groups of service members and families with small kids, enjoying a tasty meal.
Marie Obsuna, from Kadena Air Base, was there with her friends.
“We really liked [the Tacobene and Apple Cinnamon French Toast],” said Obsuna. “This is one of the places I always take my friends whenever they visit; my parents too. It’s a really good selection whether you want something sweet or savory.”
Sweet or savory, morning or night, Rcafé has you and your breakfast food cravings covered.

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