by Michael Flemming

I discovered the newly opened Hikari ramen shop nine years ago and have been a regular visitor for its unbelievably low priced yet delicious ramen, rice and gyoza sets. The clue that Hikari was actually an established noodle shop was its unique gyoza sauce - as well as the English menu stating it was a "Ramen Noodle Studio" established in 1974. Hikari moved to its new location in the burgeoning area of Shioya near Katsuren Penensula a decade ago. It however was originally a popular eatery along the Route 20 segment outside of Kadena Air Base known as Gate 2 Street in Okinawa City for about thirty years prior to the move. Hikari only offers ramen, fried rice, soup, gyoza, soft drinks, and Kirin beer - and combinations of these. Ramen bowls come in shoyu, salt or miso bases starting at about 650 yen, extra toppings add a bit more for a customized taste. Gyoza is 290 yen for six of the biggest dumplings I have seen on Okinawa. The fried rice is only served with soup or as a part of a set. I find the individual dishes to be more than satisfying but the real draw to Hikari - aside from the ramen, gyoza and fried rice sets being priced at about 900 yen - is the gyoza sauce. My wife didn't remember anything about Hikari until she tasted the sauce, made with miso that is flavorable but not spicy or salty. If you are ever in the Shioya neighborhood at the intersection of Routes 33 and 36 in Uruma City why not visit Hikari and see for yourself how gyoza sauce has made this ramen noodle studio an enduring choice in central Okinawa for nearly 40 years. Hikari is open daily from 11:00 ~ 21:00.



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