Infiniti Bar & Grill

Infiniti Bar & Grill

by Timothy Jones

One of my favorite places in Okinawa is the IFINITI Bar & Grill (INFINITI)!

It is a great dining location on the Sunabe sea wall in Chatan-cho. If you travel to Okinawa and are in the Chatan-cho area, give it a try.  INFINITI is located in Chatan-cho, in the central part of Okinawa. From Okinawa's only international/domestic airport in Naha City, head North on highway 58 for about 20km until you enter the Chatan city area.  INFINITI Bar & Grill is situated on the south corner of the Sunabe Sea Wall.

The Sunabe Seawall in Chatan is known for its long and scenic sea wall. Every day, there are people sitting, chatting, and casually walking the seawall enjoying the ocean breeze and view all day long.  INFINITI is one of the most popular spots in the Chatan area. Not only is it a favorite with the locals, it’s been mentioned in various magazines and news outlets as the place to visit. It is located on the top floor of the Time Project building at the south corner of the Sunabe Sea Wall near the Chatan Marina area. The restaurant boasts a beautiful outdoor Spanish tile deck patio offering great views of the ocean and East China Sea coast line in the central Okinawa area. It's a great place for a romantic scenic and quiet sunset dinner. The menu has a variety of award winning pastas, grilled meats, fresh seafood, and popular local Okinawan dishes. I've been there many times and love the signature “Green Green" pasta, or the “umi budo ho ta te pasta!” The bar tenders specialize in serving a long list of frozen or non frozen tropical drinks—and, of course, OF COURSE, they serve the local Orion Draft beer!

The INFINITI location was the former famous MOON Bar, then Hanjya Sea. In 2010, a few entrepreneurs bought Hanjya Sea, and after extensively renovating the facility changed the name to INFINITI Bar & Grill. INFINITI is open Tuesday through Sunday, and is also open on Holidays. It seems that wedding parties, private parties, and special events can be arranged on any day of the week. After sunset the indoor restaurant and bar area turns up the music, where the crowd can dance, drink and socialize. They accept all credit cards, US$, and Japanese Yen.



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