Japan's cherry blossoms blooming in tasty drinks, foods

Japan's cherry blossoms blooming in tasty drinks, foods

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The cherry blossom bloom continues to spread north and with it are many opportunities to try some pretty pink sweets. Try these treats available near you (or online to get shipped to you)!

Here’s a list of some of the season’s offerings and where you can get them.

Cinnabon Japan tempts us to break our diets and indulge cleverly by painting their mini-bon rolls with pink frosting and pink sprinkles. Though most Cinnabon brick-and-mortar shops are in Tokyo, you can still enjoy this decadent roll with delivery straight to your door via Cinnabon’s online shop!
The rolls go on sale Feb. 20 through mid-March. Check out Cinnabon’s online shop here: https://cinnabonshop.com/

And here’s a handy cheat sheet for ordering in English: https://cinnabonshop.com/fr/5

Cherry blossom cinnamonrolls

Starbucks is easily one of the top spots you want to visit to ring in the season. They have everything and this year, they’re bringing more cherry blossom-themed items to enjoy and give as gifts. I know many of my friends look forward to this season because who doesn’t love Japan-exclusive cherry blossom mugs? Hit up your favorite barista for a taste of the Sakura Fuwari Berry Frappuccino, Sakura Fuwari Berry Milk Latte, Strawberry Pink Mousse White Mocha, or Sakura Peach & Raspberry Tea. One can only hope that these limited-edition drinks are as delicious as they look. They also brought back the luxuriously delicate sakura chiffon cake and the spongy sakura donut to pair with your festive beverage. And while you’re there, check out the wide range of mugs, tumblers, and notebook sakura eye candy.
For a preview of this year’s merch, check Starbucks' website here: https://product.starbucks.co.jp/new/online/

Cherry blossom coffee, donuts and cakes – oh my!

Travel to Hokkaido may be out of the question right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a piece of Japan’s northern island at home with you. Royce’s, a chocolatier straight from Hokkaido, offers its cherry blossom confections delivered to your mailbox. Their sakura lineup looks delightful and features seven different chocolates to choose from. The most interesting offering by Royce’s is the chocoman, “a moist, soft, cherry-scented steamed bun coated in cherry blossoms and white chocolate stuffed with a cherry leaf and white chocolate-flavored white bean paste.” Others to try are the Sakura Fromage, raw chocolate bars with the soft flavors of strawberry and cream cheese; the Sakura cherry and almond bar with chunks of nuts and fruit in every pink bite; chocolate-coated roasted almonds, sakura chocolate squares with a saucy center, and white chocolate medallions. These will be available to order through April 18.
Online shop: www.royce.com

Cherry blossom chocolate

No treats list could be complete without ice cream for dessert! Nana’s Green Tea has jumped on the sakura train and will be selling some sweet seasonal sweets through April 10. In addition to their signature matcha-flavored concoctions, try the sakura strawberry parfait and sakura iced and hot lattes. They’re cute, Instagram-worthy and available to to-go! There are a few locations near most bases, so check their website to see which one is in your vicinity.
More info: http://www.nanasgreentea.com/shop/ (Japanese only)

Celebrate sakura with ice cream parfaits and drinks

With information from PR Times Japan.

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