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Taste of Okinawa: Guide to popular alcohol awamori

If you think of alcohol and Japan, then the first thing that springs to mind is sake – but there are other alcoholic drinks too, one of which comes from the island of Okinawa! Awamori is an alcoholic drink which is also known as shimazakae, or island sake.

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MY FAVES: Good eats for a great picnic on Okinawa's beautiful beaches

Although the temperature stays relatively warm throughout the year, winter in Okinawa can be a little too chilly for beachgoers.

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Bonito bonanza: Okinawa’s obsession with dry fish flakes

Growing up, I often helped my mother in the kitchen and shaved dried bonito fish, or katsuobushi, while she prepared dinner.

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Eating in Japan: 28 best types of sushi you must try

One of the more popular sushi forms found in Japan is the nigiri, which is a simple pressed rectangle of rice (shari) topped with a piece of fish or other ingredient (neta).

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Okinawa's famous taco rice owes existance to US military

Nothing says fast food in the south of Japan like “tako-raisu!” And 2024 marks the 40th birthday of this signature Okinawan dish, according to local lore.

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Taste of Okinawa: Delicious food, beautiful view at Anettai Chaya

There are several cafés and eateries along the way where tourists can enjoy the view over food and coffee.

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Mikasa Matsuyama in Naha: Homestyle Okinawan food in downtown Naha

Mikasa Matsuyama is a delicious traditional Okinawan homestyle restaurant located in downtown Naha.

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King Tacos in Kin Town: Simple and delicious taco rice in Okinawa

King Tacos is a legendary Japanese Mexican restaurant located in Kin Town on the main island of Okinawa. It is best known as the birthplace of taco rice. Taco rice is a fusion of Mexican and Japanese food created by Matsuzo Gibo, who came up with the original dish in 1984 at his restaurant Parlor Senri also in Kin Town.

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10 popular Japanese snacks

This has been a trying year in many ways, but one bright spot has been all the specialty tastes that have been released for our favorite Japanese snacks and treats!

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My Faves: 5 Japanese instant noodles

Ever since I started working from home, instant noodles have become my go-to for a quick bite.