Marugame Udon: A good change of pace when it comes to noodles

Marugame Udon: A good change of pace when it comes to noodles

by Stripes Okinawa
Stripes Okinawa

If you are “ramened” out and looking for a different style of noodle, you should try Marugame Udon. What is “udon” anyways? You might ask. Udon is one the Japanese traditional thick wheat noodles and Japanese people LOVE it. Marugame is the popular franchise udon restaurant in Japan and offers variety of udon dishes such as curry udon, kake udon, bukkake udon, etc. It’s cafeteria-style service; you just stand in line, grab a tray, and tell them behind the counter what you want. You can also pick tempura treats and rice balls along the way. I tried one of the popular items, torotama udon (sticky yam and egg), white fish tempura, and inari. The total cost was 660 yen. Very reasonable, and it was yummy!

Marugame Udon is located close to Kadena Air Base’s Gate 1. It’s next to Kanehide (Three Birds) Store on Route 58. There is an English translation along with pictures of dishes for American customers.



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