MOS Burger goes veggie

Photos by Sébastien Duval
Photos by Sébastien Duval

MOS Burger goes veggie

by Sébastien Duval

First in Japan: MOS Burger debuted a 100% plant-based burger nationwide on 21 May 2020 to better welcome foreign travellers and spectators of the 2021 Tokyo Olympic & Paralympic Games and to help fulfil the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by promoting good health & well-being (SDG #3) as well as responsible consumption & production (SDG #12). Vegans, vegetarians, eco-minded & health-conscious travellers in Japan will appreciate the convenience and taste!

Ingredients & New Taste

Posters describe the MOS Plant-Based Green Burger as "A vegetables and grain-based burger that does not contain animal ingredients among its main ingredients", avoiding the word "vegan" only because the green burgers are not cooked on separate surfaces using different utensils. The press release in Japanese is clearer, indicating that the recipe does not include any animal-based ingredient i.e. the green burger is vegan. Interestingly, the press release also states that the burger was created for flexitarians.

Confusing poster.

A Green Burger is literally green thanks to spinach purée in the buns. The thick patty containing soybean, devil's tongue (konjac) and cabbage is accompanied by fresh tomato slices, crunchy shredded lettuce, and a tasty tomato sauce. Buddhists will appreciate the absence of the 5 pungent roots: chives, garlic, leeks, onions, and scallions. The vegetables are freshly supplied by 3,000 farmers all over Japan.

I tried the Green Burger at Mos Burger Hashimoto 3-Chome restaurant a week after the launch; it looked like a meat burger, was juicy, had a nice texture, and tasted good with an original savour not so meaty. Veggies and non-veggies alike should enjoy it so do not hesitate to order one or two during your Japan travel! Still, big eaters may find the burger a bit small.

Inside of MOS Plant-Based Green Burger.

Travel tips: 

  • A takeaway is cheaper due to Japan's consumption tax system (538 yen + 8% instead of 10% on site).
  • Be careful with the sauce/toppings, especially if you eat with a kid or wear nice clothes.
  • MOS Burger's seasonal drinks are worth trying. My lemon ginger ale with Setouchi Hassaku citrus was delicious!

Green Burger + fries + lemon ginger ale with Setouchi Hassaku citrus.

MOS Burger Restaurants

Fast-food chain created in Tokyo in 1972, MOS Burger can be proud of its 1,300 restaurants in Japan and 370 in Australia, China, Indonesia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand... "MOS" officially stands for Mountain, Ocean, Sun; "standing tall and firm like a Mountain, having a heart that is broad and deep as the Ocean, and having passion like the Sun that never burns out"!

Entrance of Mos Burger Hashimoto 3-Chome restaurant.

The menu is multilingual, credit cards and electronic money are accepted, many restaurants provide free Wi-Fi and electric plugs, the staff is typically friendly, and allergy-related details about the whole menu can be downloaded in English!

In addition to the green burger (only vegan product), MOS Burger proposes diverse non-vegan classic & original burgers: cheeseburger, teriyaki burger, MOS rice burger shrimp tempura (rice layers instead of bread), MOS Yasai Burger "Natsumi" series (wrapped in lettuce instead of bread - "yasai" means "vegetable" in Japanese), etc.

Many non-vegan classic & original burgers.

Coronavirus: Making You Safer

My experience in Kanagawa Prefecture suggests that MOS Burger and its staff do their best to ensure their clients' safety. Among measures taken during the coronavirus pandemic:

  • Hand sanitizer at the entrance.
  • Transparent plastic sheet between the client and staff at the counter.
  • Staff wearing masks.
  • Half of the seats marked with a do-not-use cross to ensure social distancing.
  • Tray to be left on the table after the meal to avoid having people move around (staff will take care of everything).

Hand sanitizer.

Counter with a transparent separator

For social distancing.

Have a great stay in Japan!

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