Okinawan noodles never tasted so good

Okinawan noodles never tasted so good

by Takahiro Takiguchi
Stripes Okinawa

Noodle shops can be found anywhere on Okinawa. But there is one noodle shop that is popular not because of it serves up a vast variety of noodles, rather it’s because it serves up only one type of noodle. The restaurant is also popular because of the price of its meals is affordable to say the least.

The restaurant will serve you up its special Teishiraji Soba for 550 yen ($4.50). The homemade noodles are chewy and tasty and sit in a full-bodied broth made from bonito (dried fish) flakes, pork and chicken. The dish is topped off with a premium soki (sparerib), giving it perfect balance, according to owner and chef Teikan China. 

Besides only serving up the one type of noodle, the shop only offers a couple of side dishes: home-made inari (flavored rice wrapped in fried bean curd) for 50 yen and juushii (rice boiled with meat and vegetables) for 100 yen. 

Although the menu is limited, the popularity of Teishiraji Soba in not. Locals, tourist and the military community flock to the shop, which is repeatedly trumpeted in various magazines and guidebooks as one of the most popular and tasty noodle shops in Naha City.

“A lot of Americans are regulars here,” says China, adding that he has a parking lot to accommodate 15 cars. “They say they can enjoy our noodle, although they don’t like other bonito-flavored dishes.”

Although it serves up its traditional Okinawan noodle, the shop has a somewhat open, country-style atmosphere, with a lot of vintage items displayed throughout.

“Guests may feel as if they are in a western-style café when they come into our shop,” chuckles China. “In the shop, we decorate with old and nice stuff, such as vintage radios, various old bottles of liquor, Coco Cola and various paintings.”  

Although the restaurant has enough space for 30 customers (both tables and floor seats), be prepared to wait in line. But that’s not the only reason you should plan on getting their plenty early.

“Normally, we are open until 8 in the evening, but when the noodle broth runs out we often close earlier,” China said.

Photo courtesy of Teishiraji

Teishiraji Soba
Hours: Tue – Sun, 11:30 a.m. - 8 p.m.  
Address: 1-1 Syuri Teracho, Naha City (5-minute walk from Shuri Station of Yu-rail line)
Website (in Japanese):
Tel: 090-7989-0257 (Japanese)

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