Steak House Jam: Treat yourself to Polynesian party, teppenyaki in Okinawa

Steak House Jam: Treat yourself to Polynesian party, teppenyaki in Okinawa

by Stripes Okinawa
Stripes Okinawa

If you’re looking to splurge on a fantastic meal in a fun atmosphere for that special night out then Steak House Jam in the Onna-son tourist district north of Yomitan should be on your shortlist.

Covering nearly 16,150 square feet, this multi-structure Polynesian theme-park-like teppanyaki restaurant is the ideal place for that special birthday bash, farewell party or large-group event.

The restaurant specializes in steak and fresh seafood, and professional teppanyaki chefs will dazzle you with their skills as they prepare and serve your meal right in front of you.

The menu offers various combinations of meat and seafood, and dinner comes with soup, bread, salad and your choice of rice or “udon” noodles.

Sirloin steak (about 7 ounces) starts from 3,300 yen ($ 27.25) and a seafood combo of giant prawns, fish, scallops and squid starts from 3,000 yen. Pricey, yes. But Manager Keigo Imai insists that doesn’t stop fans from coming back over and over for Steak House Jam’s quality food and hospitality.

“Costumers’ No. 1 favorite is the sirloin ‘Ishigaki’ beef steak,” he says. Selling here for the equivalent of about $78 per 7-ounce cut, this beef is raised on the remote island of the same name and prized for its rare texture and flavor.

“We also have a variety of fresh seafood and large lobsters that are very popular,” Imai adds. “Customers really enjoy watching their meals cooked right in front of them. And many of our foreign customers are fond of our garlic rice as a side dish.”
The restaurant is divided into four separate main teppanyaki dining areas that seat a total of 65 people, and a lounge area that seats an additional 38. The posh Polynesian-style décor includes fun features like the Tiki Bar and seafaring kitsch, including a ceiling-suspended replica of a giant octopus.

Even the restrooms, a building as well as experience all their own, are done-up in style. The ladies room offers a dazzling fish-tank display guaranteed to keep male patrons waiting even longer.

When you are done eating your meal, wait staff escort you to the free-dessert area in the lounge where a variety of sherbet is currently on offer. The tropical cocktail selections at the Tiki Bar are also perfect for special occasions.

One seasonal special, Nangoku Pine, includes pineapple, coconut, milk and “awamori,” Okinawa’s signature spirits. Tropical non-alcoholic drinks, decked out in colorful fresh fruits, are a hit with kids.

One more reason to have your next birthday bash at Steak House Jam is complimentary champagne or tropical juice for the visiting birthday boy or girl. A separate party-room facility currently under construction also will soon provide even more incentive.

Forgot to bring the dinner-guest of honor a gift? No worries. Duck into Woo! gift shop near the main restaurant for Okinawan souvenirs. It offers a large selection of seashell goods.

Getting to Steak House Jam is easy and there’s plenty of parking available once you get there. Just head north on Route 58 from Yomitan for about 15 minutes and look for the 10-foot-tall Polynesian-style Moai head statue at the entrance. Then get ready for a memorable dining experience.

Steak House Jam

Hours: 10:30 a.m.-2:30 a.m.; 5 p.m.-12 a.m.
(Last order: 10:30 p.m.) Closed for lunch

Address: 1518 Huchaku Onnason Kunigamigun

Tel: 098-965-2626



Photo courtesy of Steak House Jam

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