Taketora: Healthy ramen on the east side of Okinawa

Taketora: Healthy ramen on the east side of Okinawa

by Hillary Lewis
Japan Travel

One of the best things about food in Okinawa is the amount of accessible Ramen or noodle shops on the island. If you like ramen, Taketora is a great idea for a relaxing lunch or dinner. Luckily, my husband and I love ramen so we were very excited to find a really good ramen shop just minutes from where we live.

The shop is called Taketora and it’s located in Okinawa, Japan. When you enter the shop, you must order from the ticket vending machine. The servers are extremely friendly and are happy to provide assistance as well as an English menu. They use bone broth for their ramen which is believed to promote joint, skin, and digestive health. Their menu offers a variety of different selections from ramen to rice as well as sets. If you’re feeling really hungry, you can order a set that will include ramen, rice as well as gyoza pan fried dumplings. Upon their recommendation, we tried their pork ramen and two orders of the fried gyoza.

Our food arrived pretty quickly and smelled delicious but tasted even better. You can choose the consistency for your ramen; hard, soft, or medium. My husband and I love to eat and are excited when the proportion size meets our expectations. This place met our expectation as they provide a pretty good amount of ramen. The gyoza is really tasty with a crispy outside and perfectly cooked meat stuffed inside.

If you’ve got a ramen fix and are looking for something to satisfy your taste buds, Taketora is the perfect place. It’s reasonably priced and there are a lot of different options for you to choose from. The shop has a good sized parking space as well. Whether it’s a night out with friends or a late dinner for two, this ramen place is sure to please.


Getting There

Taketora is 25 km northeast of Naha city on route 20, and a short drive from Grand Mer Okinawa Resort.



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