There’s more than mere fish at seawall sushi house

There’s more than mere fish at seawall sushi house

by Mckay Kingry
Okinawa Hai

If you ask me, one of the best parts of living on our gorgeous little island is fresh sushi, and there certainly is no shortage of restaurants in which to enjoy it. However, I’m here to tell you all about the newest (and in my four years of experience, the best) sushi bar – Kouwa Sushi, near the Sunabe Seawall.

Kouwa opened early this year and my husband and I have been coming here once a week since then. It’s THAT good. They have a full menu (English and Japanese) with weekly specials, sushi and sashimi (with raw, seared and cooked items), two full pages of delicious sushi rolls and fresh, crisp salads (try the avocado salad!).

They also have various appetizers such as fried squid tentacles (our favorite), assorted tempura and pan-fried scallops as well as chicken, beef and salmon teriyaki dinners for the non-raw-fish eaters along with champuru (Okinawan stir-fry) and even Okinawan steak. They have a full drink menu with Orion and Asahi beers on tap, hot and cold sake, awamori, wine and various other spirits. It’s a great place to have sushi and a few drinks before starting a night out on the seawall!

Back to those sushi rolls: Never have I ever seen such a creative and delicious assortment! My husband and I often order a few to share (okay, the whole left side of the menu) and they are all so different and tasty! One of our favorites is the Fire Roll, with tempura cooked shrimp and avocado on the outside, topped with a delicious dab of sauce, a piece of salmon, roe, and – the icing on the cake – a toasted garlic chip on each piece, just like the ones at CoCo Ichibanya curry restaurant!

The flavors all meld together SO well and every bite is such a little taste explosion! Must be why they call it the Fire Roll! Other favorites of ours are the South Beach Roll, the Delaware Roll (with mango sauce!), and the Las Vegas Roll. Don’t be afraid to experiment, you won’t be disappointed!

The owner and head sushi-chef, Cho-san, is very welcoming and speaks enough English to welcome you and engage in friendly conversation if you choose to sit at the sushi bar. They also have tables with chairs, tatami tables (with the space below for your legs), two two-seater tables outside, and a bar if you just want to stop in for a drink. It’s not a big restaurant, but I have seen parties as large as 8 in there at the tables.

The prices are very reasonable for Okinawa and definitely cheaper than the other very-popular sushi restaurant on the opposite end of the seawall.

They don’t have a kid’s menu and I’ve never seen a highchair, but I think it would be just fine for a child that was okay with not being able to get out of their seat and run around. It’s totally non-smoking. 


Okinawa Hai website

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