A Vegan-friendly Guide to Okinawa

A Vegan-friendly Guide to Okinawa

by Kim B

Okinawa is often seen as Japan's slice of tropical paradise, and it's also quite the paradise for vegan-friendly eats! From curries to crepes, and tacos to sweet treats, here are some of the best spots for vegans on the island.

Cafe Niceness

Located in Nago, Cafe Niceness offers flavorful vegan cuisine in a lush, green setting - so lush, in fact, that it can be hard to spot the cafe from the street because of all the beautiful vegetation surrounding it. The menu specialty here is tarkari, a type of curry originating from Nepal. The cafe sources as many ingredients as possible from the local area, including mushrooms from Nakijin, chickpeas and black beans from Motobu, and potatoes from right there in Nago to name a few.

Cafe Niceness focuses on tarkari, a type of spicy curry (Photo: Cafe Niceness)

Shima Chubo Kafuu

If you have a sweet tooth, Shima Chubo Kafuu offer a range of vegan-friendly sweets with a healthy dose of tropical flair. You'll find a vegan version of chinsuko, a traditional type of Okinawan shortbread cookie, along with tarts and cakes made with a host of local ingredients, including purple sweet potato, dragonfruit, and passionfruit.

Vegan sweets with some tropical flair (Photo: Shima Chubo Kafuu)

Ukishima Garden

Ukishima Garden have a range of tasty vegan main dishes, with different options available for their lunch and dinner servings. Lunch options include things like a vegan omelet rice which uses tofu instead of eggs, and a vegan version of the Okinawan favorite taco rice. The dinner session is a several-course affair, which includes an appetizer, soup, a main dish, and dessert.

Elegant presentation! (Photo: Mandy Bartok)

Esparza's Tacos and Coffee

Esparza's Tacos and Coffee cater to vegans and non-vegans alike, and what's perhaps most impressive about this place is the sheer number of vegan options available. There are three different kinds of vegan tacos on the menu, as well as vegan enchiladas which use jackfruit instead of meat.

Esparza's Tacos and Coffee have multiple vegan options to choose from (Photo: Esparza's Tacos and Coffee)

Cafe Halcyon

Cafe Halcyon are the first vegan-friendly crepes in Okinawa, and they have both sweet and savory options available. The sweet options include the likes of the banana nut crepe, the PB + choco crepe, and the lemon sugar crepe. For the savory fans, the savory garden crepe packs in a bunch of fresh veggies with hummus and vegan-friendly sriracha-mayo. They also offer a number of sandwiches, paninis, smoothies, and coffees.

Vegan crepes? They exist, in Okinawa! (Photo: Cafe Halcyon)

Tamie's Kitchen

Tamie's Kitchen offers a range of hearty vegan dishes, including burgers, curries, pastas, and desserts - and the vast majority of ingredients used in the menu items are sourced locally. The restauarant is located in Mihama's American Village area, which is the perfect spot for a stroll after your meal.

Colors, flavors, and textures - all vegan! (Photo: Mandy Bartok)


Choukrane is located in Itoman City. You'll find main dishes including curry and quiche on the menu, which come served with brown rice and a range of vegetable sides. There are also a host of both vegan and raw desserts to satiate any sweet cravings.

Vegan fare at Choukrane (Photo: Michelle Ishiki)

Cafe Koku

If you're after your vegan eats with a view, Nakijin's Cafe Koku delivers the goods. The locally-sourced dishes include fresh salads, yellow chickpea lentils, tempura, and more, depending on the day. Come for the food, stay for the scenery, and you'll likely find yourself returning over and over again.

The yellow chickpea lentils at Cafe Koku (Photo: Bonson Lam)


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