VIDEO: Speakin’ Japanese: May I have a corndog?

VIDEO: Speakin’ Japanese: May I have a corndog?

by Shoji Kudaka
Stripes Okinawa

In Japan, some food items’ names are similar to the original English name. For example, if you ask, “Can I have a corndog?” at a food stall or a convenience store, you may not get what you want. You should say, “American dog wo itadakemasuka?” instead.

Likewise, soft serve ice cream goes by “soft cream,” and French fry is “fried potato” or “furaido potato” if you pronounce it the Japanese way. 

These are so-called “wasei-eigo (Japanglish),” a form of pronunciation and spelling often utilized in Japan. They may sound a little funny to English speakers, but using them can help you familiarize yourself with the Japanese language.

Today’s phrase is,

“American dog wo itadakemasuka?”

(“American dog” – corndog, “wo” – a post position to be placed after an objective, “itadakemasuka” – can I have~?/ Could you give me~?)

OK, stay safe and see you in the next episode of Speakin’ Japanese.

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