Warm up to some tasty pizza at Kozy’s

Warm up to some tasty pizza at Kozy’s

by Alex Mutuc
Stripes Okinawa

Kozy’s Pizza, located off of the 29, is definitely one of the best pizza restaurants on Okinawa. Kozy’s brings to the table both an amazing selection of pizza and a great taste, without the hefty price tag of some other pizza parlors.
Ironically, from the outside, Kozy’s does not look all too cozy. The restaurant is a former military household; thus, like the houses on Camp Foster, it looks plain and rigid. However, its inside completely contradicts its exterior and lives up the restaurant’s title. Indeed, everything from the individualized eating areas to the dim lighting makes Kozy’s quite inviting and homey.
When I entered, I was immediately escorted into a back room – a majority of the tables are given their own room, which are the size of a bedroom in a base house. One room had been modified into a tatami eating area, and also included space for children to play.
The room I was escorted to had a window view. With the restaurant sitting on the mountainside, the view of the ocean was unbelievable.
In a unique way, the eating experience at Kozy’s feels like eating at home. The room, for one, is isolated from the main restaurant, and the waitress will not drop in unless you call for her. When my waitress left she even set up a foldable wall that served as a door. The privacy makes it almost impossible to hear the commotion from the kitchen or the other customers.
The menu was definitely one of the best points about Kozy’s. Its menu did not display the generic “pepperoni” or “cheese,” but instead, it had choices like the “German Special,” “Grazia” and “Artigiano.” There was even a customizable option, which allowed you to choose three of 11 toppings, including garlic, bacon, corn and onion.
Most of the pizzas have the selection of either small (6”), medium (10”), large (14”) and extra large (16”). Extra large, however, can only be ordered for take-out. I ordered the medium super deluxe option for 1400 yen. It was one of the pricier options. The average medium pizza was around 1250 yen.
There was not much of a wait after ordering. Yet even if there were, the taste of the pizza would have made up for it. Kozy’s offers perhaps the best tasting pizza that I have had on the island. Not only that, but the pizza did not seem to be coated in grease or sauce, so it was not too unhealthy. On the other hand, Kozy’s does offer a myriad of tempting deserts like cheesecake and chocolate cake.
Kozy’s was more than I expected: it had great pizza and was a great place to dine. Though it may not be in familiar territory, the experience is well worth the search. It is private and picturesque, inviting and, of course, cozy.

Go out Foster’s gate 6 (legion gate) and take your second right onto the 29. Continue down the 29 for about 1.1km and take a sharp left. You will come to an intersection underneath a bridge. Go left again. Continue up the hill and you should start to see signs for Kozy’s pizza. At the end of the road, go left and keep to the left. Kozy’s pizza will be on the right side.
Phone number: 098-923-0993

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