Wataru Udon

by Takako Sakamoto

The main purpose of a trip I made to Tokushima this Golden Week holiday was to visit the Bando POW Camp Site in the Naruto area, which is famous because of a Japanese movie, ‘Bart no Gakuen (literary, Music paradise of bearded men)’.

We drove from the hotel we were staying at in Tokushima city, crossed the newly built Shikoku Saburo bridge, which connects Tokushima city with Naruto, and before visiting the site stopped for lunch at a Japanese noodle restaurant ‘Wataru’.

When I saw a big Kitsune (deep-fried bean curd) on Udon (white noodles), I thought, ‘Oh, I’m home!’. Yes, the size of Kitsune in Tokushima is THIS big (see photo).

As there aren’t many places to eat around the Bando Camp, probably this could be one of a few places to eat anything before you commence on to the tough excursion!


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