Breast Enhancement – What to expect after the procedure

Breast Enhancement – What to expect after the procedure

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Breast enhancement or augmentation surgeries are popular in improving your breasts to be perkier and larger. If your breasts have sagged due to losing weight, not drinking enough water, or pregnancy, this is a great way to reconstruct and lift the breasts. So after this surgery, what can you expect?

Breast enhancement is for everyone and is a great way to improve your breasts’ physical appearance. Many surgeons advise maintaining realistic expectations and understanding what the healing procedure would feel like for first-timers. So let us check out everything you can expect after this breast augmentation surgery and some possible complications that are rare outcomes. Let us begin!

What to Expect After Breast Enhancement Procedure?

If you carefully follow all aftercare instructions from your surgeon to heal up, it will take you roughly six to eight weeks to get back to a normal lifestyle. Due to breast enhancement being an invasive surgery, here is what to expect after the procedure:

After your Surgery (Immediate effects:)

Since you were sleeping from the anesthesia dosage, you will wake up feeling very painful and dazed in the recovery room. Your muscles might usually feel tight and ache a bit. But when the muscles relax up a little bit around the treated area, the pain will slowly subside.

Two/Three Post-Surgery

The soreness usually lingers, and you might want to doze off to sleep. Ensure that you have asked someone you know to drive you back home when the doctor checks up and discharges you.

Before letting you head back to your house, the surgeon will cover your breast with a surgical elastic band or a medically-graded brassiere. These help to protect the incision sites and let them heal with proper care.

Day 1 After Breast Enhancement Surgery

You now have the instructions to rest and heal the incision sites with proper preventive care. You will have the prescription for narcotic medication to help take care of the pain. You will usually take this for the first few days.

Stay in bed for the first day and rest your mind and body. Because when you sleep, your body can utilize and produce enough energy to heal the pain points and incision site.

Next 3-5 days Post Breast Enhancement Surgery

You might notice minor bleeding from the incision site that poses little to no problem. The area might bleed, and the surgeons accept it as a sign of the healing process. Of course, if it is in excess and you are worried, consult your doctor as soon as possible.

Or else, you must continue resting and relying on your medication to help ease the pain. Ask your surgeon for further advice if you need professional tips with aftercare.

Week 1 of Breast Enhancement Surgery

The pain has now gradually lessened, and you can use over-the-counter medication to soothe the minimal aches. Make sure to follow dietary guidelines and fill your meals with healthy meals that help to heal the achings, scars, and infections (if any.)

Strenuous workouts and chores are off the table, and you must stay in bed for most hours of the day. Relaxing and resting are keys to recovering quickly from surgeries. Pushing and pulling any object can worsen the pain as the surgery involves incisions in the muscle and skin.

So the best way to tackle these activities is to ask someone for help with housework. Especially if you need to lift something, push, or pull them with your arms. If your breasts feel taut, stop what you are doing immediately to ensure proper muscle rest.

After your first week, your breasts might feel tight and look swollen. It is a typical result of the procedure but heals over time. It is not something you need to worry about during the first two months.

The First Month of Breast Enhancement Surgery

Your surgeon will suggest you wear soft undergarments and more oversized clothes to help your body heal. Tight garments can bring back the pain from your surgery.

By now, you might be able to return to your workplace. Since you are still recovering, ensure that you do not contribute to pushing, pulling objects, and heavy lifting. If your job needs you to do the same, you need more time to rest before returning to work.

By this time, your swelling might reduce little if you care for it with proper medication and daily care. By the first month’s end, your surgeon will assess your progress and suggest low-impact exercises to help you return to your daily routine.

The First Year of Breast Enhancement Surgery

By now, your incisions have healed. The swelling is not too prominent, but if you touch your breasts,m you might sense the area. Moreover, your scars usually heal by now or might take six more months to subside entirely.

Now, you can enjoy the new body changes that help define and beautify your expectations. Enjoy the changes you always wanted through breast enhancement surgery.

Common Complications Post-Breast Enhancement Surgery

While flesh infections, bleeding, and scarring are well-known complications that may or may not arrive post-procedure, breast enhancement has some common difficulties. They are:

  • Symmastia, of breasts merging.
  • Numbness
  • Pain
  • Seroma or fluid accumulation
  • Changes in nipple sensation
  • Breasts are asymmetric

If you face such complications, notify your surgeon immediately to look into the matter. These are often common complications. Most doctors hence advise proper consultation and prescription adherence for the best results.

Book Your Breast Enhancement Consultation with Dr. Paul Vitenas

If you are looking for stress-free and risk-free breast enhancement surgery, Dr. Vitenas from the Houston area. His genuine knowledge of professional augmentation surgeries has helped patients from all around enjoy their new and improved p[hyscial appearance.

You can contact us via (281) 484-0088 or fill up this form to schedule a private consultation with Dr. Paul Vitenas. Our surgeon and our staff members are always well-prepared to answer all your questions without missing a bit. So if you want to augment the physical appearance of your breast, this is the best chance.


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