Cutting-Edge Science featured at Military Health System Research Symposium

Cutting-Edge Science featured at Military Health System Research Symposium

by Rebecca Hill
MHS Communications

The 2022 Military Health System Research Symposium, held in Kissimmee, Fla., opened this week after a two-year pandemic hiatus. The audience was enthusiastic as MHS leaders shared their opening remarks.  

Under the theme, “Optimizing Readiness: The Power of Military Medical Research,” MHSRS showcases advances in military medicine, with sessions discussing new and lifesaving solutions to those on the battlefield, as well as enhancing care for warfighters and their families at home. The conference takes place September 12 through 15.

Those providing opening remarks at MHSRS included:

Ms. Seileen Mullen, acting assistant secretary of defense for health affairs

  • Dr. Terry Rauch, acting deputy assistant secretary of defense for health readiness, policy and oversight
  • Dr. Jonathan Woodson, president of the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
  • Army Lt. Gen. (Dr.) Ron Place, director of the Defense Health Agency
  • Army Brig. Gen. Katherine Simonson, DHA acting assistant director for support

Raising Awareness on Health and Science Research
Mullen discussed the different MHS research portfolios and innovations. “What we learn and share here, benefits all of our citizens in countless ways. I also ask you to keep in mind how the research you are doing to support the warfighter also supports our whole of government research agenda,” she remarked.

Woodson followed her statement, saying, “Education, leveraging digital learning platforms or immersive VR, assists in research, as the Department of Defense cannot do it alone. We have to learn to leverage the future of the battle space.”

Research presented during MHSRS explores a wide range of topics surrounding military medicine and warfighter care. Panel discussions addressed issues such as combat casualty care, clinical and rehabilitative medicine, medical simulation, operational medicine, infectious diseases, and warfighter performance. As the DOD evaluates the recent battlefields, and prepares for upcoming conflicts, “… science and technology need to empower the medics, giving them as much experience and training as possible, while addressing new challenges in combat casualties,” Rauch stated.

Highlighting Technology and Science
The symposium highlights new research, while bringing awareness to ongoing studies.

Place offered some words of wisdom, while stating “readiness is at the heart of why we even have a research agenda, and a research portfolio that sits apart from other government missions and other government agencies. Each of these program areas has urgent and compelling requirements that we in the DOD must be ready to address.”

The MHSRS discussions emphasized the importance of sharing ongoing research to benefit service members and their providers, giving way to cutting-edge sciences, and providing a venue for the brightest in the field to collaborate and expound upon their research.

Our medical readiness is supported by science, and “… we need to support combat agency roles from the battlefield to the bedside,” Simonson remarked. Focusing on the future, and the research, development and care of service members and their families will always remain a top priority for the MHS.

Photo Caption:
Ms. Seileen Mullen, the acting assistant secretary of defense for health affairs, makes opening remarks during the Military Health System Research Symposium at the Gaylord Hotel in Kissimmee, FL on Monday, Sept. 12, 2022. MHSRS provides a collaborative setting for the exchange of information between military providers with deployment experience, research and academic scientists, international partners, and industry on research and related health care initiatives, such as Combat Casualty Care, Operational Medicine, Clinical and Rehabilitative Medicine, Medical Simulation and Information Sciences, and infectious Diseases.

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