Don’t miss out on this year’s top 3 Japanese high-performance sunscreens

Don’t miss out on this year’s top 3 Japanese high-performance sunscreens

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In 2022, Japan has had the earliest end to rainy season in recorded history-making for strings of dazzlingly sunny days. A must-have item during this time is sunscreen, and many new products have been coming out this year.

Excellent high-performance and high-technology Japanese sunscreens are also popular among overseas tourists as souvenirs.

Here we will introduce sunscreen recommendations by Ms. Yukina Abo-a cosmetologist well-known for working with many famous Japanese magazines. In addition to explaining terms such as “PA” and “SPF”- Ms. Abo also answered our basic concerns (such as whether it’s okay to use products left over from previous years).

- What to Look Out for When Buying Sunscreen?

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Many beauty and make-up lovers outside of Japan already know the superb quality of Japanese sunscreen. With this being the case, doesn’t it pique your interest as to what Japanese women think is important when choosing a product? Listed below are the top five criteria Japanese women in their 20’s to 60’s keep in mind when looking for a good sunscreen.

1. Whether it feels “light” on the skin (352 people)
2. Whether its inexpensive (313 people)
3. Whether it doesn’t make your skin look chalky (313 people)
4. Whether it doesn’t come off or smudge when sweating (286 people)
5. How long the product protects you from the sun (270 people)

Source; Cotoplanning June 2022, Nationwide survey on 1,000 women ages 20-60

Looking at the data, it seems as though how the sunscreen feels, the price, how it looks on the skin, and how long it lasts are all important criteria. Moreover, a minority seem to be on the lookout for “whether other skincare products can be applied with the sunscreen (88 people)”, “whether it brightens skin tones (57 people)”, “whether it cuts blue light (40 people)”, and “whether it has pearl powder or glitter that adds shine (19 people)”. Recently, women are interested in finding products that are offering more than protection from the sun.

- Top 3 Japanese Sunscreens: Highly Recommended Products with Powerful UV Cut and More!

How to Select the Best from a Variety of High-Quality Options

Ms. Yukina Abo is a cosmetologist known for her work in various famous Japanese magazines. As she loves watching outdoor sports games such as soccer, she’s adamant about finding the perfect sunscreen to protect her skin from the rays.

Cosmetologist, Ms. Yukina Abo

“Recently, sunscreen doesn’t just offer UV protection but also functions as a cosmetic to make skin look more beautiful. What’s more, in addition to products aiming to prevent skin damage, it can enhance skin quality at the level of top-tier skin care products. It’s unfortunate if you end up using a product that burdens your skin instead of bettering it! I recommend carefully choosing products that offer additional ray protection, can function as a makeup base, and that’s good for the skin even after long periods of time.”

With Ms. Abo’s advice in mind, we’ll now get to introducing the products!

1. Shiseido’s Clear Suncare Stick: Convenient Hands-Free Application!

Shiseido Clear Suncare Stick/20 grams/Price: 3,080 yen (including tax)/SPF50+ PA++++

Shisedo is one of Japan’s top cosmetic brands that also has a large global reach. One of its popular products, the shisedo clear suncare stick, is a “SPF 50+, PA++++” sunscreen stick that holds powerful UV protection. The clear stick is equipped with Shiseido’s original synchro seal-a feature in which a protective film of sunscreen gets stronger as it’s exposed to heat, sweat, or water. This is a reliable product that protects your skin from even the strongest of ultraviolet rays!

“Since this sunscreen stick can be applied over makeup, it’s convenient for when you want to reapply sunscreen outdoors. Another characteristic is that it glides smoothly onto all those hard-to-reach spots.”

Sunscreen usually comes off easily with water or sweat. However, this product has turned this weakness into a strength by coating your skin in a protective film that’s enhanced by exposure to the sun, sweat, or water. This is an extremely innovative idea that protects your skin from strong ultraviolet rays.

This sunscreen is not only thin and spreads well, but the liquid is clear-leaving no worries when it comes to chalkiness or getting your hands dirty. Additionally, it’s also the first of Shiseido’s products that uses biodegradable material. The brand’s ethos of protecting the environment as well as their customer’s skin is one to admire.” (Ms. Abo)

The sunscreen leaves a natural glow on the skin! What’s more, although light, you can feel the protective barrier. Another perk is that the scent is very subtle.

2. Hollywood Cosmetic’s Sunscreen Emulsion: A Smooth Sunscreen Perfect for Delicate Skin

Orchid Sunprotect Liquid 50+ Sunscreen Emulsion/Price: 4,180 yen (including tax)/SPF50+ PA++++

Hollywood Cosmetics is a brand well-known for their enzyme masks that gently exfoliate the skin. It also offers a sunscreen emulsion with powerful protective properties of “SPF50+, PA++++”. In addition to this, it feels smooth and delicate on the skin.

Not only can it withstand sweat and water, but this sunscreen also comes highly recommended for those with sensitive skin. Some soothing ingredients include rosemary extract and hydrolyzed collagen (a moisturizing ingredient). It’s a product that protects your skin from dryness and ultraviolet rays without using any chemical ultraviolet absorbents.

“On top of not smudging or loosing its effect while sweating, this sunscreen is high-functioning with its impressive SPF/PA count. It also doesn’t use any chemical ultraviolent absorbents-making it perfect for those who have sensitive skin and want to avoid dryness. I recommend this sunscreen emulsion for those who want to let their skin breath.

As the it’s slightly beige in color, you won’t have to worry about it making your skin look chalky. This sunscreen is also great to use as a base when you don’t want to use foundation!” (Ms. Abo)

With its smooth and easy application, this sunscreen can also be used for your neck, legs, arms, and hands!

3. V&A Beauty Sunscreen: Cut Blue Light with a Sunscreen that’s Made its First Debut in Japan!

Antioxidant UV Shield, 50ml/Price: 3,500 yen (including tax)/SPF50+ PA++++

The Antioxidant UV Shield is a sunscreen from a brand that first came to Japan in spring of this year. Though its already visually enticing with its cute packaging, it also has “SPF50+, PA++++ “UV protection and cuts blue light. We constantly absorb blue light from computers and smart phones, so this feature is highly attractive.

V&A Beauty is a popular brand supervised by the Victoria and Albert Museum-a museum opened by Queen Victoria with the intention of delivering refined art and culture to many.

The sunscreen even has properties that prevents oxidative stress caused by the sun. Inspired by Royal Herbs-an herbal infusions brand beloved by the Royal Family, V&A Beauty has added their own blend of the powerful antioxidant, panthenol. Using special technology, the sunscreen is filled with a mixture abundant in polyphenols and antioxidant herbs. Furthermore, spring water from northern Scotland’s Pannanich Hill is used instead of the usual purified water. Also called the “healing spring”, this water is said to have antioxidative effects. It’s been drawn for thousands of years-served to British royalty for health and beautiful skin.

“Due to the stylish packaging, I always get asked where I bought this sunscreen when applying it outdoors. As it protects you from both UV rays and blue light, it can come in handy when taking countermeasures while working from home. I also highly recommend it as a gift!” (Ms. Abo)

A moisturizing, cream type sunscreen that feels gentle on the skin.

- Check-Out the Q&A Below: All of Your Basic Sunscreen Questions Answered!

Lastly, we have asked Ms. Abo to answer a few basic questions on sunscreen!

Q. What Does “PA” and “SPF” Found on Sunscreen Packaging Mean?

"“PA” is the rating system used to determine how much protection you can get from UVA rays. UVA rays are long waves of light that penetrate deep into the skin-causing irreversible damage. The PA rating system is split into the four groups of PA+, PA+, PA+++, PA++++. The more pluses there are, the more protection is provided. Long exposure to UVA rays can result in photoaging. This causes wrinkles and sagging of the skin.

“SPF” is the rating system used to determine how much protection you can get from UVB rays. These rays are shorter in length but contain large amounts of solar energy-resulting in sunburn, age spots, freckles, and hyperpigmentation.

A sunscreen with an SPF20 should be more than enough when using it daily as a makeup base and staying mostly indoors. Although, when there’s intense sunlight and you need to go out for a bit, I recommend using the gentle SPF50 for everyday use.

Moreover, if you plan to stay outside for long periods to enjoy activities etc., it’s best to wear a sunscreen over SPF50 on your face, ears, neck, arms, and anywhere else that may be exposed."

Q. Is it Okay to Go to Sleep with Serums that Have Sunscreen Lotion in Them?

“UV absorbents can take a toll on your skin, so if it’s in the product your using, I recommend removing it before bed. Even products that are UV absorbent free should be removed after wearing it throughout the day. This is because dust, sweat, and sebum can get trapped under the skin-mixing with bacteria and causing breakouts or oxidation of the skin.”

Q. Can Last Year’s Leftover Sunscreen Still be Used?

"The short answer is no! Once the sunscreen has been opened and used, it starts to oxidize. If you’ve ever seen hardened yellow clumps of sunscreen on a sunscreen bottle-that’s what’s happening.

Age spots and wrinkles are a result of skin oxidizing due to being exposed to UV rays. If the sunscreen you’re using to protect your skin has already oxidized, it will only damage it more. Using new sunscreen is always a must! In addition to this, I recommend using sunscreen year-round. Sunscreen emulsions that have strong protective properties are especially great for everyday use!”

Photo by: PIXTA

We asked the cosmetologist, Ms. Abo, to recommend this summer’s top three sunscreens. Please try the one that fits your needs best!

Cosemetologist, Ms. Yukina Abo

After working at both a domestic and international cosmetics company as a beauty consultant, Ms. Abo continued her career as a beauty expert for famous beauty media outlets. Also using her extensive knowledge on sports, she’s worked as a beauty journalist for various media platforms while engaging in branding support. Always active in trying out the latest beauty trends, Ms. Abo breaks down the technology and usability of products in an easily digestible manner. Her hobbies include going to J.League games and making media appearances as a soccer-fanatic.

*This information is from the time of this article's publication.
*Prices and options mentioned are subject to change.
*Unless stated otherwise, all prices include tax.


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