Why everyone should run a 5K

Why everyone should run a 5K

by Amanda Hayward
Stripes Okinawa

I am a serious runner. Whether it’s a family fun run, 5K or marathon, I put my everything into it. Although running a race competitively may seem like a no-brainer, some people like to run for fun — even if they hate running.

During a “Will Run for Gluwein” 5K, hosted by the KMC 5K Runners, I ran my heart out to win first place in the women’s division. Afterward, I got to know some new faces and heard something that blew my mind: A majority of the ladies I met in the group said that they don’t care about winning — they run for fun, even though jumping on a treadmill is the last thing they enjoy doing. OK, then why run a 5K? Because, they said, it’s fun and it’s an excuse to get together with a group of friends, laugh a little and keep in shape.
Everyone should run a 5K at least once in their life and here’s why:

• A 5K fun run can be an exhilarating and easy challenge for anyone. It’s something you don’t have to excessively prepare yourself  for – mentally and physically. It’s not like a 10K or half-marathon, which takes months of preparation. You can bust out 3.1 miles with little to no training, depending on your fitness level. That’s just the beginning.

• It’s a fantastic excuse to pull the family away from their busy schedules and get them on the health bandwagon. Even if it is just once a month or a couple times a year, setting aside time for exercise and your family is important. Plus, a 5K is perfect for the whole family. Before you know it, you may even start a new family tradition.

• It’s a great way to give your fitness regime a boost. When there is something you signed up and payed for, you are more likely to take it seriously and actually show up. The great thing about a 5K is you can find one everywhere, anytime of the year. If you search “5K run near me” on Google, I guarantee you will find a race.

• It’s a great way to meet other active people and surround yourself with positive vibes. I think it is important to be around other people who are active and genuinely happy. Doing this can make you more motivated to move, and meeting new friends who have the same interests as you will naturally make life a little easier and happier.

• Running a 5K adds moderate mileage to your fitness plan, especially if you are not a serious runner. The amount of energy you put into a 5K fits perfectly into your exercise program when you are not wanting to pack on the miles (ever heard the saying, “more isn’t always better”?). Just because you signed up for a 5K doesn’t mean you love running or are someday wanting to check a full marathon off your bucket list. It just could just be wanting to decrease your BMI or reduce your cholesterol.

• If you are a serious runner, regularly running a 5K can help perfect your form and speed. It’s good to go on a speed run here and there and focus on your strides if you are wanting to be a better runner. A 5K run is perfect for that; the better you get at them, the more you can focus on your time and form rather than just finishing the race.


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