Restaurant Guide

Restaurant Guide
Photos by Shoji Kudaka

Unique Okinawan soba

December 07, 2018
When it comes to Okinawa soba noodles, I go conservative.

Café in Nanjo City serves up both coffee and a view

Restaurant Guide
December 06, 2018
I know we can all get stressed out every day.
Mozuku Soba. Photos by Shoji Kudaka

Time to slurp away like Okinawans

December 04, 2018
You may have heard that it’s OK to slurp noodles in Japan.

JAPAN CANDY STORES: How much candy can I eat at once?

December 02, 2018

When it comes to Japan, snack foods are a particularly popular cultural export.  It is not uncommon for young people living outside the country to know about things like pocky...

Try tasty Churaumi maguro at Naha's Sakanaya Dojo

Restaurant Guide
December 03, 2018

Restaurants where you can eat “churaumi maguro” tuna

The following tuna restaurants serve fresh local tuna at reasonable prices.

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