Kyoto traditional ramen on Okinawa

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Kyoto traditional ramen on Okinawa

by: Tetsuo Nakahara | Stripes Okinawa | June 30, 2018
Ramen LinyaCuisine: Japanese
Price: n/a
Review: n/a
Hours: Monday - Saturday: 11:00-1:00
Sunday: 11:00-12:00
1-6-8 Kitamae, Chatan
Nakagami-gun, 47 904-0117
Phone: 098-926-0220
Menu: n/a

Japan, ramen is also popular down south.

Ramen Linya, near Camp Foster on Highway 58, is the place to go when you’re hankering for this popular dish.

Owner Ryo Kanai takes his task one step further by bringing something different to Okinawa: He specializes in Kyoto-style ramen – which uses chicken-based broth. 

“Kyoto style ramen is made with chicken- and soy-based broth. In Okinawa, you see a lot of Kyushu-style ‘tonkotsu’ ramen soup, which is pork broth,” Kanai says, “but our chicken soup is rare here. We also use our homemade soy sauce to create our original taste.”

He says one of the most popular dishes with his American fans who frequent Linya is the “gyoza” set. These pan-fried then steamed dumplings are filled with ground meat and vegetables, rice and ramen and go for for 850 yen (about $7). Other American favorites include the “shoyu,” or soy sauce, ramen for 630 yen and fried rice for 500 yen.

If you are a spice lover, they have a spicy ramen for 760 yen. And if it is not hot enough for you, you can add as much extra hot sauce as you like; it’s a staple condiment on every table at Linya.  

Kanai says that the restaurant is popular with families. The children’s set, which is 570 yen, includes fried potatoes, mini-ramen and chicken nuggets with dessert. It’s all guaranteed to satisfy you young eater’s appetite. The restaurant comes equipped with tables for family dining as well as counter seats.

One interesting house special on Linya’s menu is its beef tendon ramen. The beef broth and tendons a cooked low and slow until tender and flavorful. Only 30 servings, which sell for 750 yen each, are available in a day.

Other special dishes are the chicken set, which comes with chili chicken, rice and ramen. The “yakiniku” Japanese-style barbeque set comes with grilled beef, rice and ramen. They also have curry rice and savory grilled “yakisoba” noodles.

“Please feel free to stop by anytime for a family gathering, to get together with friends or even by yourself,” Kanai says. “Half of our customer are American. I am sure you can find your favorite ramen here.”

English menus are available and U.S. dollars and credits card are accepted. There’s also plenty of parking available in front of the restaurant.

Getting to Linya is pretty simple. If you drive from Camp Foster’s Kitamae Gate, turn north toward Kadena Air Base on Highway 58. Look for a large yellow and white sign on the left after the second traffic light.

So, if you want to try the taste of ancient capital of Japan, Kyoto, hurry to Ramen Linya.



Photo courtesy of Linya