Becky Thomas

by Tamara Owens
OSO Okinawa

Name: Becky Thomas

Position/Title: Field Programs Manager

Time worked at USO: November 28, 2016 - Present

Center/Office location: USO Camp Foster/Camp Foster, Okinawa Japan

Tell Us About Them:

Becky’s vibrant personality is a perfect fit for USO Camp Foster. You will always see her with a smile on her face. She makes each patron feel right at home when they visit the center. One thing that makes her sad is when we run out of food on meal program days. She has a true passion for ensuring that the service members receive a home cooked meal 2 -3 times a week. Unfortunately, Becky will be leaving the team in mid-July to PCS with her family to Lakenheath, England. She will be missed dearly by service members, families, volunteers, staff members and Camp Foster’s community. Her innovative ways of providing comfort to our patrons will be missed by all. Additionally, one unique fact about Becky is that she loves performing arts. However, we know that USO Camp Foster is her number one passion! Thank-you Becky!

Fun Questions!

1. Why do they love working at the USO? I love working at the USO because of the immediate impact that our mission has. We make our service members feel like our center is home. We are here to improve morale. We are here to provide them connections. They honestly are so appreciative of our efforts which justifies why we exist in these situations. It feels good to have our service members feel like the center is a part of home to them.

2. What is their favorite memory of working at the USO? My favorite memory, there are too many to count. A few of the memories include delivering birthday cakes, providing (unexpected) frozen treats to service members as they go about their day throughout the camp, and being able to create food programs. However, probably one of the best memories was when a service member who was preparing to leave island, brought his buddy in and introduced him to me and said, “I should not bring you in here because this lady will make you feel so welcomed that you will never leave.”

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