Faces of Marine Corps Installations Pacific

Faces of Marine Corps Installations Pacific

by Marine Corps Installations Pacific
U.S. Marine Corps

U.S. Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Megan Burningham, is a patrolman with Provost Marshal Office Headquarters and Support Battalion, Marine Corps Base Camp Smedley D. Butler, on Camp Foster Okinawa, Japan.

As a Military Police Officer, Burningham actively ensures the safety of service members and their families by executing post and perimeter checks, responding to radio calls, performing gate reinforcements and a range of other responsibilities.

“We need to be on high alert on every call because we never know what could happen,” said Burningham. “It's important to remain calm in every situation because people are looking at you for strength. We have to be confident in what we are doing”

Patrolmen are responsible for answering calls on the radio. The first on scene takes charge and control of the situation. Even though Burningham is a fairly new Marine to PMO, she has had the opportunity to be a first responder. Due to her training, she was expected to take charge and execute the necessary steps to handle the situation.

“Right when we arrive on scene, we take control of everything; it’s ours to take care of,” she said. “It's our responsibility to ensure the safety of everyone there.”

According to Burningham, in a predominately male MOS, a female perspective enhances and amplifies the contributions needed for a successful mission.

“The camaraderie within PMO is strong, we are all a family in and out of work,” she said. “We go through some difficult times together, but we take care of each other, they are my best buds.”

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