Kayla Stamey

Spotlight on You: Kayla Stamey

USO Okinawa Staff Highlight: Kayla Stamey

by: Ashley DeBerry, USO Hansen Center Manager | .
published: November 19, 2018
Name: Kayla Stamey
Position/Title: Center Operations Specialist
Time worked at USO: March 5th 2018 - Present
Center/Office location: USO Camp Hansen
Tell Us About Them: 
Kayla brings a steadying, compassionate presence to the center. She is kind, dependable, and incredibly hard-working. She approaches every situation with a can-do attitude plus a will-do attitude. As our Volunteer Coordinator, Kayla actively manages 65+ volunteers which involves assessing and meeting the mission needs through recruitment, placement, retention, and recognition. Kayla is a true team player, and always managers to foster positive discussions and bring the best out of the staff and volunteers.
1. Why do they love working at the USO?
“I love working at the USO because we create a sense of community that complements the military lifestyle and enhances the lives of servicemen and servicewomen. It is an organization that not only benefits military members, but military families, spouses, and children.” -Kayla
2. What is their favorite memory of working at the USO?
“My favorite memory working at USO Hansen was our Easter Egg hunt which brought together local Japanese families and American families for a fun event. Seeing the joy on the faces of our USO Hansen volunteers was icing on the cake!” - Kayla

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