Master Sergeant Julie Bradley

Spotlight on You: Master Sergeant Julie Bradley

Local Okinawans, U.S. military community celebrates Okinawa International Carnival

by: Senior Airman Kristan Campbell | .
18th Wing Public Affairs | .
published: December 03, 2018

U.S. Air Force Master Sergeant Julie Bradley , United States Air Force Band of the Pacific, Pacific Trends NCO In-Charge, interacts with the local Okinawan and U.S. military community during the Okinawa International Carnival, Nov. 25, 2018, in Okinawa City, Japan. The band was invited by Okinawa City to perform at the Carnival and sang popular Japanese and American songs. The Band performed and interacted with members of the local community to showcase the U.S. military’s role of promoting peace within the Indo-pacific region.

(U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Kristan Campbell)

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