Kento Miyahara, the current Triple Crown Heavy Weight Champion (Photo courtesy of ALL JAPAN PRO-WRESTLING)
Kento Miyahara, the current Triple Crown Heavy Weight Champion (Photo courtesy of ALL JAPAN PRO-WRESTLING)

Q&A with a wrestling champion

by Shoji Kudaka
Stripes Okinawa

With the 2019 Super Power Series coming up on May 13 at Koza Music Town, Stripes Okinawa sat down with Kento Miyahara, the current Triple Crown Heavy Weight Champion, to talk about the upcoming show. The title holder takes his place among the past champions such as Big Van Vader, Steve Williams, Terry Gordy and Stan Hansen.
Q. What can we expect from you in 2019 Super Power Series?
A. I just won the Champion Carnival as a Triple Crown Heavy Weight Champion, which had not been done in the past 18 years. As a man who made history, I will bring a lot of excitement across the country.
Q. What do you believe will be the highlight of the show? 
A. I have the most gorgeous costume in all of pro wrestling. I will make quite an entry into the ring. Make sure you don’t miss this great photo opportunity.
Q. What’s the appeal of All Japan Pro-Wrestling
A. All Japan Pro-Wrestling has both young and veteran wrestlers on the roster, ranging from teenagers to those in their sixties. People of all ages can enjoy. The biggest feature is our big wrestlers. Plus, there are wrestlers like me who have great speed. Even if you have not seen us before, you can enjoy can enjoy without any knowledge on the rules and what not.”
Q. What’s your goal as a wrestler?
A. I just made history in the Champion Carnival, and now I will defend my Triple Crown Heavy Weight Champion belt. My short-term goal is to defend the title for the fourth time. I, Kento Miyahara, “Ace of Reiwa”, am making this the best era in the history of All Japan Pro-Wrestling.” 

Q. What would you like to say to pro wrestling fans from the United States? 
A. You gotta check out my wrestling and remember the name “Kento Miyahara” a.k.a. “The undisputed best man” of pro-wrestling, because I will be the star this year.

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