SSgt Ethan Brown

Stripes Okinawa

Name:  Ethan Brown

Age:  33

Years in service: 5

Rank: SSgt

Years as father: 9

Kids: Rylei Brown, Ronald aka. Ronnie Brown

Current Duty Station and job: Kadena AB, 18 LRS/LGRFOF, Fixed Facilities Supervisor

Q: What are your key responsibilities at work?

A: Maintain and manage 4 hydrant refueling systems and facilities throughout the base. Support over 2k govt vehicles by maintaining and managing three ground fuel military service stations, and provide uninterrupted fuel support to 6 joint flying organizations/detachments.

Q: What are your key responsibilities at home?


A: I would have to say…being a pillow to lay on, a jungle gym to climb on, and also to just be a big kid along with them. It is important to me that children “get to be children”.  They have the rest of their lives to be adults!

Q: How do you balance military life with family life?

A: This is the hardest thing for me to master. While I want to devote most of my time and energy to my work, I also feel that it is important to be home and interact with my family. My family is along for the ride with me and my profession. So I try to prioritize and balance my life so I excel at my work, and still devote enough time to my wife and kids so we are a happy household.

Q: How do you keep in touch with family when you are TDY or deployed?

A: I mainly use Facebook and Facetime to communicate with my family while I am gone.

Q: How does the military community support your family?

A: Through the multiple activities that they provide, and the care and support they offer while I am downrange.  This includes my unit and flight as well.

Q: How do you support your partner whether you are home or deployed?

A: While I am at home, I help with the general things that need to be done around the house.  I think she has lucked out because I love to cook!  So I am the one who cooks dinner most evenings.  When I’m deployed, I ensure everything she needs to make life easier is provided, i.e. - Setting up lawn care to give her one less thing to worry about.

Q: As a military parent, what’s your top priority for your kids?

A: Their safety and education.

Q: What are your plans on Father’s Day?

A: Spending the day with my family at the beach if the weather is nice.

Q: Anything else you’d like to add? 

A: I would also like to say that being a father is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I never thought that it was possible to care for a person so much that I would be willing to jump in front of a moving car to save or protect them.  I would give my life for them!  I would do absolutely anything for my kids and I can honestly say that it has made me a better man.

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