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By Chip Steitz, Public Affairs, 10th Regional Support Group, Torii Station, Okinawa, Japan, and Rudolph A. Wartella, IV, Attorney-Advisor Staff Judge Advocate Section,  10th Regional Support Group

TORII STATION, Okinawa, Japan – With the end of another school year and summer in full swing the 10th Regional Support Group would like to highlight another amazing student that stood out from their peers and went above and beyond this last school year.  Last month we highlighted a teen that graduated and is now heading off to follow her musical dreams, this month we would like to highlight sixteen year old Daniel Wartella.

Daniel Wartella is the son of Rudolph A. Wartella, IV, Attorney-Advisor Staff Judge Advocate Section, 10th Regional Support Group. 

Daniel just completed the 10th grade at Kadena High School and earned a varsity letter in swimming and tennis.  He was selected to be a member of Kadena’s National Honor Society by his faculty for scholastic achievement, and demonstrated service and leadership skills.  Daniel excelled in challenging courses during his junior year, including Honors English and History, AP Statistics, Algebra II, Chinese IV, Chemistry, and Accounting. 

Wartella also serves as the Senior Patrol Leader for his Boy Scout Troop for over 30 young men.  Recently Wartella completed his eagle project by leading over 20 volunteers in prepping, priming and painting the Kadena Chapel Youth Center.   Daniel was so impressed with the leadership of the Kadena Chapel Youth Center that he became an active member of the chapel youth program as a result.  

In conjunction to Daniel’s eagle project, he provided instruction on the Painting Merit Badge.  As a result, 20 Boy Scouts earned their painting merit badge.  Daniel became an Eagle Scout in April. When asked about his commitment to others, Wartella replied, "there was a lot of work and commitment involved, however in the end, all of the hard work was worth it."

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