10 ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home

10 ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home

by Anna Leigh Bagiackas
Stripes Okinawa

Regardless of whether you’re celebrating with your kids, your spouse or your best friend, it’s a day where we can do something out of the ordinary to show our love. How do we keep things fun, fresh and celebratory for yet another holiday at home, showing our love and appreciation for those around us?

Here’s what I’m thinking about:

Ordering takeout – I love to cook, but I’m burnt out on meal planning and washing dishes. A night of takeout would be a special treat to relax. Now to decide where to order from. . . And maybe we’ll splurge on a dessert or a bottle of wine.

Cooking a special meal – Of course, if you’re still down for a night of cooking, go for it! Whether it’s someone’s favorite food or recreating a meal from a special event, you can cook a simple meal that is still special.

Snack boards – Maybe you don’t have great takeout options and don’t want to cook. Meet in the middle and build a charcuterie board dinner of your favorite snacks and foods. Veggies, cheese, meat, nuts, chocolates—lots of possibilities, meaning it is a win-win for everyone!

Tastings – Pick a favorite food or drink and develop a mini tasting session. Think wine, beer, cheese, chocolates, Haribo candies. . . Get creative with it!

Building a “bar” – What about a waffle or bagel bar for dinner? Sweet and savory toppings welcome! You could also go for a baked potato or taco bar. For the adults, maybe a mojito bar?

Baking a special or fancy dessert together – As I mentioned, I’m burnt out in the kitchen but I also don’t want to pass this opportunity for an indulgent dessert. The idea of making dessert a group project makes the mess seem more manageable. Now we just need to decide what to make—an M&M skillet cookie? Chocolate lava cakes? With so many food bloggers and recipe developers out there, it’s easy to find a dessert for a family, two people or just one (mug cake anyone?).

Taking an online class together – With dozens of classes available online now, find a cooking, crafting or drink-making class to learn a new skill together. Then you can spend 2021 building on it, giving you and your family new memories instead of mourning the lack of travel-related times.

Making valentines – Create your own digital valentine to text and message to friends and family; dress everyone up in their favorite Valentine’s Day–color and take a selfie with some cutout hearts or get creative with some Cupid-related ideas. The idea is to spread love and joy, so have fun with it!

TV time? – Resist the temptation to turn on your recent Netflix or Hulu show; find something more special, maybe a movie you’ve been wanting to watch or maybe an old favorite? You could also avoid another night in front of the television with a game, a video chat with a friend or family or a house-based scavenger hunt.

Taking a wintry hike and documenting some scenes from it – I know many of us want to put pandemic-related memories behind us, but it’s been a year like no other and we have all found different and creative ways to get through school, work, daily life and holidays. Capture some of those moments for future Valentine’s Days to look back on.

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