Anniversary escape emergency? Onna Village resort to the rescue

by Megumi Savoy
Stripes Okinawa

My husband and I were looking to celebrate our anniversary and decided the typical romantic dinner at a nice restaurant just wouldn’t do. We wanted something different. Since our teens were now old enough, we decided to ditch them for an overnight trip – just me and the hubby!

I imagined us relaxing at a nice beach and watching a beautiful sunset with a glass of wine when reality hit me – where are we going to go? We hadn’t made a hotel reservation and our anniversary was three days away! I found myself on a mission to find a nice resort hotel for our upcoming weekend anniversary trip.

I checked the Kadena ITT (Information, Tickets and Travel) webpage and found a variety of local hotel packages offering U.S. military discounts. After checking some hotel websites, I found it: Kafuu Resort Fuchaku Condo Hotel. The resort recently received the Best of the Pacific award from Stars and Stripes. I thought it would be worth a try; luckily, they had a room available for the weekend.

Kafuu Resort Fuchaku is near Okinawa Kokusai Golf Club in Onna Village. As we entered our room I was surprised at its size. It was about 800 square feet. We had reserved the premium room on the 11th floor. The panoramic view of the East China Sea was breathtaking. We sat on balcony and enjoyed the gorgeous view.

There was a small kitchen area next to the living room, and even a washer and dryer machine. We also found a special note from the hotel staff saying, “Happy Anniversary! We have a special gift for you. Check the refrigerator.” They provided a lovely desert to make our anniversary special. It was a very nice touch!
Moving onto the bathroom: It was modern wonder of luxury! The tub was big enough for both of us, and the built-in shower on the ceiling made us feel as if we were taking a shower in a rain! There was a huge mirror and two sinks! I fell in love with the whole bathroom – and so did my husband.

“I want my bathroom to be just like this one when we build our house,” he said.

“Great idea!” I thought. Then I took bunch of pictures for the record.

In the bedroom, there was a large king-size bed nearly as big as two king-size beds put together. My husband is a very tall guy; he normally doesn’t fit in Japanese beds. But they use “California king-size beds” at Kafuu Resort, which is very nice for tall people like my husband.

Eventually, we decided we had enough of checking out the room and headed to the nearest beach. The resort may not be right on the beach, but Tiger Beach and Moon Beach are just a couple of minutes-drive away. We went to Moon Beach and stayed there for few hours. (For those of you who don’t do beaches, there is also a pool in the hotel from which you can enjoy a beautiful sunset.)

We wanted to have a casual dinner instead of the traditional “romantic diner.” So we decided to try the deli on the second floor. My husband had the yellow Thai curry, and since they were having Hawaiian fair at the restaurant, I tried their original Loco Moco. We both enjoyed our dishes, and the prices were very reasonable. (They also have a takeout menu so you can enjoy your meal in your room.)

If you are in the mood for a romantic dinner, head over to Ocean Front, the Mediterranean-Okinawan fusion restaurant on the first floor. There is also a Japanese restaurant in the annex area.

Our experience at Kafuu Resort was awesome! The staff is friendly, and they offer superior customer service. If you are looking for a private resort for you and your loved one, I highly recommend Kafuu Resort Fuchaku Condo Hotel.

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