Be prepared for beach, swimming season

Be prepared for beach, swimming season

by Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau
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Be mindful of temperatures
Although beaches may have been opened for swimming, the average temperature at the end of March on the main island of Okinawa is about 18.9℃. In April the thermometer often climbs above 24℃, but the water temperatures hover between 21-24℃, much cooler than the temperatures in July and August, which can soar to 27-28℃. Make sure to bring a light jacket for warmth as you could get chilled after swimming.

Get sunburned even in spring!
Protection against the sun is needed throughout the year in Okinawa. In spring, UV rays in Okinawa are approximately 1.3 times stronger than those in the Kanto area, and two times greater than in Hokkaido. Along with necessary items such as a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen, you are also recommended to swim with a T-shirt or rash guard to avoid damage to your skin. If you are at the beach with small children, be sure to have some shade available and get them to rest often.

Stay properly hydrated
Your body needs more water than you think when outside. Spring temperatures in Okinawa are not so high, but be sure to stay properly hydrated. As we occasionally see a hot day even in March, be aware of the various types of heat-related illness you can experience.

Expect the unexpected in the water
The ocean can be deceiving – it looks shallow, but you may suddenly encounter deep or fast flowing water. Also be aware that waves are more powerful than you expect. Always keep your eyes open, especially on your children. And bear in mind the fact that no one else can predict what happens at sea.

Always swim in safe areas
There are prohibited swimming areas that are home to dangerous formations or marine life (about dangerous marine life in Okinawa), so please steer clear of them.

Call 118 for emergencies in the water
118 is the emergency contact number of the Japanese Coast Guard. Call 118 when you encounter accidents in the water. You can call the number from your mobile phone or PHS.

Keep the Okinawan sea beautiful
Please put garbage including cigarette butts and leftover food in the appropriate containers – each municipality has their own rules for separation of trash. In the event there are no designated containers available, please take your trash home for disposal there. Thank you for your environment-friendly cooperation.

- Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau

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