Courtney Skate Park

by Ella Hampson
Bechtel Elementary School

The Courtney skate park has ramps and a lot of space to just ride if you do not want to ride on the ramps. It is not far from the towers or the housing. The skate park is also the bus stop. If you have a skateboard, bike, or scooter the Courtney skate park is the place for you. When I pass the Courtney skate park there are usually a lot of kids there. It is a very popular place for skaters and skateboarders.

There are usually older kids there, but younger kids skate also. The skate park has a lot of twist and turns. There are two doors to enter, one by the hill and one by the table and that door is always open. There are about six or seven ramps. This is a great place for you if you love skating.  It’s even fun if you’re not a skater (like me) to watch all the cool tricks and flips the skaters can do.

Hope You Enjoy!

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