Enjoy a beach filled week-end

Enjoy a beach filled week-end

by Everton Bryan II
Bechtel Elementary School

White Beach is a place that you can spend a weekend on the beach by the ocean. You can stay in a medium sized cabin where you have a kitchen, some couches, a bed, and a T.V. so you can rent and watch movies. What I liked about the cabin is that it has a very big space so you might get your own room.

You can go to the beach where the ocean water may be cold at first, but as you move around in the water it gets warmer. You might also see some fish in the water as you swim. You could even find an island on the water that you could explore like my family did.

At White Beach I liked swimming in the water and racing my dad. I also like that I explored an island with my mom, dad, and brother where I found a crab. My dad cooked it and my family ate it!

I think you should go so you can have a good time just like I did.

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