Get your Sushi on!

Get your Sushi on!

by Ciara Hambrick
Bechtel Elementary School

The Sushi-Go-Round is a Japanese restaurant that serves sushi of course! Sushi is a Japanese food that Japanese and many American people eat. It has a little bit of vinegar, and rice, with clean raw fish on top. If you want it a little bit spicy, you put a dip a little bit of wasabi. This is green paste made from a plant that looks quite similar to the Japanese radish, except, it's green.

Even a little bit can be very spicy. Of course it will be tasteless without some thing, so you can dip it in soy sauce also. Soy sauce is just to add some taste to the sushi. My top 3 favorites are salmon, fatty salmon, and grilled cheese salmon.

Ok, ok, I know I said that it’s are raw fish, but there are some with grilled fish as-well. Also, if you tried the fish, and it didn’t like the taste they also have hamburger sushi, which is just hamburger meat with rice.

They even have cheeseburger sushi which is the same thing except it just has cheese on top.

I think you will like the sushi go-round because they have delicious cake for dessert! They have all different kinds, but my personal favorite is the NY chocolate cake.

I hope you go there and have a good time!

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