Have a “wild time” at the zoo!

Have a “wild time” at the zoo!

by Visaya Black
Bechtel Elementary School

The Okinawa Zoo is the most fun place in Japan. You should go there, and I will tell you why. You can see all kinds of animals like apes, monkeys, alligators, and also many birds. Sometimes you even see bats and snakes. But don’t worry they’re in cages! You see turtles that are really and big! And also baby turtles.

The Okinawa Zoo has a room filled with games. In one game you’re supposed to make a shadow that looks like an animal you might see at the zoo. Once you do that your shadow will pop out on the board and almost coming to life.

There is a section in the other playroom where you see a large shell. When you press the button that is attached to the shell ink drops all over the shell! I've explained a lot that you see. So do you want to go?
At the zoo you see hippos. Isn’t that amazing?  I think it is. Now let me tell you about another part of the zoo. There is a house of reptiles in their cages. The cages have lizards, snakes, and other types of reptiles.

There is a great place where you can get ice cream and you can get food like curry and rice and also play the game Crane. Finally, there are benches so that you can rest.

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