Have a wonderful “beachy” day

by Charlease Cusimano
Bechtel Elementary School

Tori Beach is one of the best beaches of all. The beach is kind of sandy and the water is really comfortable. You can see bunches of floating seaweed and you might see fish of all colors and shapes. You could explore all day!

There are jet skis connected to shoes and the more power you use the higher you go. Tori Beach also has a huge slide that is really high. You have to purchase bracelets that let you go on the slide. There is a stand where you can buy bracelets that allow you 15 turns for $5.00 also 3 to 5 turns for $1.00.

They have cabins that you can rent you can go for your summer vacation or at any other time. Tori Beach is the best beach ever!

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