How to create a captivating travel journal

How to create a captivating travel journal

by Emma Bareihs
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Recording trips these days are often done through a smartphone. Your plane ticket, maps, pictures, down to your itineraries are kept in digital form and are easily forgotten. If you’re like me, you prefer writing things down and having physical copies of things often kept on our phones. Keeping a journal while you travel through Europe is a great way to hold onto memories through writing and physical souvenirs. If you’ve never kept a travel journal, now is the time to start.
Write down anything related to your plans of travel. Talk about your feelings, what you anticipate, what you have scheduled, what went to plan, what didn’t, what you saw, what you ate, who you spoke to, dialogue you overheard or what you learned. The list is endless on writing topics. If it’s related to your trip it’s fair game. Travel journals are a personal thing. It is important to remember to write for yourself while the memory is still fresh. The best writing is done in creative spaces, whether it be a trendy European café or a mountain ledge.
Get creative
These journals don’t have to be pure prose. Don’t be afraid to use your artistic side! Doodle food, landscapes, small maps, activities, fonts and more anywhere on the page. Use crayons or colored pencils to add color or try your hand at different mediums such as water paints.
Keep souvenirs
While you’re wandering new cities, grab hard copies of anything from postcards, printed photos, receipts, business cards, maps, newspapers, tickets or bottle labels. Glue or tape these pieces into the journal to create a scrapbook feel and add dimension.
Travel journals bring adventure to life, no matter how big or small. If you are consistent with your journal it can be a great source for memories, inspiration and reflection. Outline your next trip on paper to kickstart your travel journal journey to look back on for years to come.

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