Immerse yourself in Sham Shui Po like locals do

Immerse yourself in Sham Shui Po like locals do

by Haps Magazine Korea
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Behind skyscrapers and shopping malls, there is another world to explore in Hong Kong. Look beyond the established attractions to Sham Shui Po — an eclectic neighbourhood where every street corner exudes the sheer essence of daily lives.
You can happily lose yourself for hours in the enticing bustle of Sham Shui Po. But the experience is now compressed into a fascinating two-minute time-lapse video Immerse Yourself in Sham Shui Po like Locals Do. The local resident and award-winning videographer Alex Rodriguez has been invited by the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) to present Sham Shui Po’s best-kept secrets from the perspective of a gaai fong (local inhabitant).
Immerse Yourself in Sham Shui Po like Locals Do
The film portrays a typical day in the distinctive community. Within the markets lies a bewildering array of goods such as vintage toys, colourful fabrics and more. The open-air market on Apliu Street in particular has a hypnotic allure for treasure hunters from local and abroad.
Following a long line of hungry diners into the dim-sum mecca of Tim Ho Wan, the film captures stacks of bamboo steamers. The culinary exploration continues through Michelin-recommended eateries and street food stalls, not missing the popular tofu dessert at Kung Wo Beancurd Factory.
The film then runs at a more leisurely pace at the entrance to Arli Star Leather Factory. The mellow ambience injected by young dream-chasers radiates to Café Sausalito, where a live jazz performance provides soundtrack to the vividly creative atmosphere.
The pace of life remains just as frenetic as dusk falls. “One of my favorite parts is seeing my neighborhood’s silhouette lights up at sunset. The building clusters create a vista that is beyond compare.” says Alex.
Self-guided Walks Recommended by Locals
Visitors can follow in Alex’s footsteps and enjoy the life-enhancing scenes captured in his remarkable film. The HKTB offers insiders’ insights on exploring Sham Shui Po through a walking guide containing recommendations from local personalities, making every traveller’s trip to this distinctly Hong Kong neighborhood an unforgettable experience.

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