It’s time to sign up for the Ayahashi Road Race

It’s time to sign up for the Ayahashi Road Race

by Shoji Kudaka
Stripes Okinawa

The running season is heating up on the island. While runners have February’s Okinawa Marathon to look forward to, the 20th Ayahashi Kaichu Road Race in March is another good one to participate in.

The unique race is slated for Sunday, March 22, and takes place on a 3-mile causeway stretching over Kin Bay to the east of Okinawa.

The venue for the race is a road known for beautiful ocean views. Once a year, the road traffic gives way to foot traffic as runners hit the pavement to experience the fresh air and views during the race.

Registration for this race is now open with three categories to choose from– half-marathon, 10K, and 3.8K.  For all the categories, the race starts and concludes at a stadium near the west end of the causeway. Runners of the half-marathon will go further to Henza and Hamahiga islands before heading back to the stadium.

Entries close on Feb. 3 or once 3,000 registrations are reached, so don’t delay! It’s time to get active and show off your strong stride. Take this great opportunity to explore the island and get those steps in!

The 20th Ayahashi Kaichu Road Race Tournament

Date: March 22 (Sunday)

Time: Race starts at 9 a.m. (half-marathon), 9:50 a.m. (10K), and 12:10 p.m. (3.8K)

Location: Uruma City Yahashiro Comprehensive Park Athletic Park (N 26.329494, E 127.905343)

Admission Fee: 4,000 yen (approx. $37, for adult participant in half marathon), 3,500 yen (for adult participant in 10K and 3.8K), 2,000 yen (for minors in all the categories)

Age limit (as of the day of the race): 16 years old and above for half marathon, 13 years old and above for 10K, no age limit for 3.8K. Consent of parent (by signature) is required for minors to participate in the race.

Entry: Registration through Sports Navi ( is recommended.

Parking: Participants should park their vehicles at either of five locations designated by the organizer such as Heshikiya Fishing Port Uragahama Park (N 26.307416, E 127.921440) near White Beach and Road Park (N 26.331990, E 127.927114) along the causeway. Shuttle buses will transport participants to the stadium.

*Due to the race, there will be traffic restrictions around the course.
*For more info on entry, traffic restrictions and more, visit:

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