Kadena’s little spa pampers in big ways

Kadena’s little spa pampers in big ways

by Pilar Davis
Stripes Okinawa Archives

Taking time to relax and treat ourselves can help relieve pressure brought on by work or school, not to mention normal military life stressors. To aid in this journey toward a Zen-like peace is The Spa, located behind the escalators of the Kadena BX. Like its name, it’s small but effective.

The experience at The Spa could be likened to a great meal. There are several courses. First, the appetizer in The Spa is the staff that goes beyond the call of duty to make guests feel welcomed and comfortable. Short wait times and easy scheduling get you right in without having to grow old waiting.

Friendly smiling staff decked in black smocks eagerly usher you in. Included in the appetizer is the ambiance. The cozy setting is flushed with smooth R&B sounds ala Luther Vandross and Anita Baker. Soft soothing hues in blues and pastels encapsulate the rooms.

Now, on to the main course – the services. Naturally they offer basic goodies such as manicures and pedicures but they go a bit further. The Spa offers a euphoric selection of relaxing amenities. The pedicure, for one, comes complete with heated massaging chair and the angel hands of the pedicurists.

This is no quickie pedicure either. Be prepared to set aside an hour for the whole process, including the very in-depth calf and foot massage that can blissfully lull you into a peaceful daze.

Possibly the best course on the menu are the various back and body massages. Hot stone massages for the back, legs and head are offered at various lengths and prices all under $100. Aromatherapy massages seem to be the biggest draw. They combine a deep massage with soothing sounds and smells to indulge the senses.

Many might think of this type of spoiling as being for the ladies but the gentlemen are taking the time to unwind too. A serene Lt. j.g. Eric Schwartz, who came with his wife, was left virtually speechless after his aromatherapy massage.

“Awesome,” is how he summed up his experience. And at 8,050 yen for an hour and a half massage, “You can’t beat the price.”Waiting patiently for his turn to be swept into lala land, Petty Officer 2nd Class Chris Popovic said, “A bunch of my friends have already gotten (the massage).” So he decided to experience the much-lauded aromatherapy massage first hand.

Ladies let’s not let the guys have all the fun. The Spa offers 30- to 60-minute facials and can combine the facial with a massage for a rejuvenating total body overhaul.

Fellas, nothing says “I love you” like time away from the kiddies and hubby for a day of luxurious pampering. Like a good meal, The Spa has a little something for everyone and you’ll walk away feeling satisfied. 

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