Okinawa: American Village is waiting for you!

by Michelle Yoon
Bechtel Elementary School

American Village is a spectacular place to go. There are many stores and restaurants. My favorite restaurant to go in American Village is this Indian place. Their food is really good. There is even a Ferris wheel! I once went there, and saw this guy who was dancing with fire. The best time to go is at night time. It’s even better when it’s Christmas-time. The Ferris wheel really shows off its colorful lights.

One of my favorite stores is “Make- Man”. There is also bridge you can go across. There are many things to do there. The best place to take a picture is with the Shisha dog that is on the staircase. Be careful not to fall!

There’s a frozen yogurt place called “Party Land”. It’s a great place to grab dessert.

The best thing that I enjoyed over there was the pet section at “Make-Man”. The puppies are really cute! If you want to spend quality time with your family, go to American Village!

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