Speakin' Japanese: Beach babble

Speakin' Japanese: Beach babble

by Shoji Kudaka
Stripes Okinawa

When you go to the beach, try using the following phrases.

“Beach (biichi) ni ikou!” = Let’s go to the beach!
(“ni” = to, “ikou” = let’s go)

“Dono biichi ga osusume desuka?” = Which beach do you recommend?
(“dono” = which, “osusume” = something you would recommend, “desuka?” = do you~/ is it~)

“Parasailing to surfing (saafin) ni chousen shitai deusu” = I want to try parasailing and surfing.
(“chousen” = challenge, “shitai deusu” = I want to do ~”)

“Biichi parasoru wo motte kimashitaka?” = Did you bring the beach umbrella?
(“parasoru” = umbrella/parasol, motte kimashitaka? = Did you bring~?)

“Sono biichi niwa koko kara douyatte ikimasuka?” = How do we get to the beach from here?
(“sono” = the/that, “niwa/ni” = to, “koko” = here, “kara” = from, “douyatte” = how, “ikimasuka” = get to/go to~?)

“Sono biichi wa itsu akimasuka/shimarimasuka?” = When does the beach open/close?
(“itsu” = when, “akimasuka?” = does ~open?, “shimarimasuka” = does ~close?)

“Biichi taoru” = Beachtowel
“Hiyakedome” = Sunscreen
“Mizugi/Kaisuipantsu” =     Bathingsuit/ swim trunks
“Kayakku” = Kayak
“Kanshiin/ Raifugaado” = Lifeguard

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