Speakin' Japanese: Typhoon talk

Speakin' Japanese: Typhoon talk

by Takahiro Takiguchi
Stripes Okinawa

Well, there is a typhoon in our midst, so here ya go. While taking every precaution to be safe and prepared, try using the following words and phrases.

“Taifuu wa koko ni kimasu ka?” = Will the typhoon come here?
(“taifuu” = typhoon; “koko” = here; “kimasu” = will come)

“Itsu kimasuka?” = When will it come?
(“itsu” = when) 

“Kaze ga tsuyoku natte kimashita ne?” = The wind is getting stronger, isn’t it?
(“kaze” = wind; “tsuyoku” = strong)

“Doshaburi desu.” = It is raining cats and dogs.
(“doshaburi” = raining cats and dogs)

“Densha wa mada ugoite imasu ka?” = Are the trains still running?
(“densha” = train; “mada” = still; “ugoite” = moving)

“Densha ga tomari mashita.” = The trains have stopped.
(“tomari” = stop)

“Dooro wa mada toore masu ka?” = Can I still travel on the roads?
(“dooro” = road; “toore” = travel on)

“Zubunure desu.” = I am dripping wet.
(“zubunure” = dripping wet)

“Okunai ni ita hoo ga ii desu.” = It might be better to stay indoors.
(“okunai” = indoors; “ita” = stay; “hoo ga ii” = it might be better to  

“Hayaku kaetta hoo ga iidesu.” = You better hurry home.
(“hayaku” = hury; “kaetta” = go home)

“Kasa ga koware mashita.” = My umbrella broke.
(“kasa” = umbrella; “koware” = broke)

“Kiwo tsukete kudasai.” = Be careful, please.

“Terebi de taifuu jooho wo mimashoo.” = Let’s look at the typhoon information on TV.
(“terebi” = TV; “jooho” = information; “mimashoo” = let’s look at)


You can also say it in “Uchinaaguchi” (island dialect) like this:

“Taifuu ya kumankai chuugayaa?” = Will the typhoon come here?

“Gaji chuuku natoon-yaa.” = The wind is getting stronger.

“Ufuami yan-yaa.” = It is raining cats and dogs.


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