Speakin' Japanese: Winter words

Speakin' Japanese: Winter words

by Takahiro Takiguchi
Stripes Okinawa

Here are some useful Japanese phrases for the winter season. 

“Samui desu, ne?” – It is cold, isn’t it?

“Atatakai desu, ne?” – It is warm, isn’t it?

“Atsui desu, ne?” – It is hot, isn’t it?
These expressions are often used with “Ohayo Gozaimasu” (good morning), “Konnichiwa” (good afternoon) or “Konbanwa” (good evening). “Desu, ne?” = it is, isn’t it?

“Yuki ga furisou desu.” – It looks like it is going to snow.

“… sou desu” = “looks like going to be …” 
These phrases are also used in daily conversations:

“Ame ga furisou desu.” – It looks like it is going to rain.

“Hare sou desu.” - It looks like going to be fine.

“Yoi otenki desu.” - It is a beautiful day.

“Atama ga itai desu.” – I have a headache.

“… ga itai desu” = “I have an ache/pain in …”
When you have to see a doctor, you can use some of the following phrases:

“Nodo ga itai desu.” – My throat hurts.

“Onaka ga itai desu.” – I have a stomachache.

“Netsu ga arimasu.”– I have a fever.

“Seki ga demasu.” – I have a cough.

“Kaze wo hikimashita.”– I caught a cold.

Pronunciation key: “A” is short (like “ah”); “E” is short (like “get”); “I” is short (like “it”); “O” is long (like “old”); “U” is long (like “tube”); and “AI” is a long “I” (like “hike”). Most words are pronounced with equal emphasis on each syllable, but “OU” is a long “O” with emphasis on that syllable.

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