Tokyo Comic Con to be held Nov. 25-27

Photos by Jerome Baquilar
Photos by Jerome Baquilar

Tokyo Comic Con to be held Nov. 25-27

by Jerome Baquilar
Stripes Okinawa

Tokyo Comic Con is back! This highly anticipated event will be at Makuhari Messe from Nov. 25-27.

Tokyo Comic Con was last held in 2019 and, of course, the world has changed quite a bit since then.

Over the past few years, I have come to realize how great an event Comic Con is and how badly missed it was, and not just by me. Hey, take a look at all the cosplayers tweeting the hashtag #東京コミコンコスプレ. Everyone’s pumped up for this year’s event!

So, why is Tokyo Comic Con such a big deal? From a foreigner and geek ‘s perspective, here are the reasons for the appeal. And, I believe starts with the word “connection” and one’s desire to connect:

  • Connection to the “English language” entertainment world: Tokyo Comic Con is singularly the biggest source of this type of entertainment that one can take in, in person, in Japan. As with the other Comic Cons held in the U.S. and worldwide, the genres represented span beyond comics. Movies (especially science fiction), video games, television, music, and others are also here. Perhaps for the non-Japanese residing here, it is a fun piece of “home” to take in for a day, or more. Merchandise, memorabilia, collectibles, and more are available to purchase and take home, too. (And my Japanese friends have similar feelings, with this event being one of the few ways to really immerse and get in touch with the “international” entertainment world.)
  • Connection to celebrities: Something I haven't taken in yet personally, but actors/actresses, especially those from currently popular movies and shows, attend Tokyo Comic Con and present visitors with the opportunity to have a photo with or have items autographed by them (for a price).
  • Connection to others: When you love something here and gravitate to it, whether it be Marvel, Star Wars, Stranger Things, DC, or something else, you'll find others who are fans of the same thing(s) you love. Of course, getting into it, literally, as a cosplayer makes it easier to connect with those fellow fanatics, and makes the photos that much cooler. If you do get into costume, be sure to check the rules and process on the Tokyo Comic Con website.

And like with practically every event in Japan, there's a lot to see, and take photos of, from props, displays, statues, vehicles and of course, people in cool costumes. Just be sure to check if it's okay, from checking the signs near the objects to asking the person if they are okay with a photo taken of him/her.

This opportunity to "connect" comes once a year, normally, but this one is positioned to be a very meaningful event as many Tokyo (and beyond) Con attendees get back what they've missed for three years. I'm personally excited to get into my Star Wars costume again and not only see old friends but make new ones as well.

See you at Tokyo Comic Con 2022!

Tokyo Comic Con website

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