VIDEO| Speakin' Japanese: I found Godzilla!

VIDEO| Speakin' Japanese: I found Godzilla!

by Takahiro Takiguchi
Stripes Okinawa

Kurihama Flower World in Yokosuka is a large flower park with many activities for the entire family. Here not only will you find a restaurant with a great view, vast green areas and playgrounds, but you’ll also find a flower garden with one million cosmos flowers in full bloom during the month of October.

This park is also home to an iconic character of Japan’s pop culture— Godzilla!

This unique Godzilla structure is not only impressive to look at but it’s also a slide!

In 1954 Toho movie "Godzilla," Kannonzaki in Yokosuka City is considered the place that the giant monster made his first step on Japan. If you are in or around Yokosuka, why not come check out the gigantic Godzilla Slide in the beautiful park?


Today's Japanese phrase:

“Gojira wo mitsukemashita!” ゴジラを見つけました! = I found Godzilla! 


“Gojira” ゴジラ = Godzilla, "wo mitsukemashita" .. を見つけました = I found ..


You can also say:

"Sono resutoran wo mitsukemashita." そのレストランを見つけました = I found that restaurant.

"Anatano megane wo mitsukemashita." あなたの眼鏡を見つけました = I found your glasses.

"sono ie wo mitsukemashita." その家を見つけました = I found the house.


Don't miss the nice weather of fall and visit the nice flower park near Yokosuka Naval Base. And don't miss Godzilla out in the park!


More info: Kurihama Flower World: くりはま花の国 - ホーム | Facebook


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